Personalized leadership development for executives, directors, managers, and those who WANT to do better, and NEED to do better – but don’t quite know HOW.

Being a leader is challenging work. Being a CAPABLE leader is even more challenging.

Leaders, such as yourself, face an increasingly complex array of tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, conflicts, goals and objectives, and rising expectations with little, if any, time to think or plan or do much more than just react in the moment and hope for the best.

And wouldn’t it be great if that’s all there was?! Because that’s not even the hard part.

Becoming a Better Leader is an INTENTIONAL Activity

Face it: Your leadership reputation – and overall success as a leader – is far more defined by how quickly and effectively you prioritize and handle the problems and opportunities you’re NOT quite sure how to handle, than by how well you do with whatever you already know how to do or already have done before.

And that sort of traction requires intention, nuance, clarity of thought, and the ability to leverage ALL of your resources in continuing and increasingly skillful ways. That means thinking more strategically, demonstrating greater tactical precision, fully considering the downstream and unintended implications of your actions BEFORE you act, and better understanding and articulating not only WHAT you’re all trying to achieve, but WHY you’re all trying to achieve it.

And that does not, and cannot, happen without intention.

Personalized Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Many (most?) leaders are not nearly as intentional or nuanced in their approach as they SHOULD be – as would serve them TO be. As a result, they end up making things MUCH more complicated for themselves and the people they work with, without even realizing it! How to tell if that’s what YOU’RE doing?

  • Do you have trouble holding your staff accountable for their actions, commitments and deliverables?
  • Is communicating effectively up or down or across the organization often challenging or bewildering for you?
  • How frustrated do you get when stressed, faced with bad news, or simply displeased by plans not going as planned?
  • Are you reluctant to address conflict or face challenging, difficult, or important conversations in a timely and constructive manner?
  • Has perfectionism ever lessened your productivity, responsiveness, flexibility, value-added, etc., etc., etc.?
  • Does busyness and distraction lead you to inadvertently focus on the wrong things in the wrong ways or, worse yet, cause you to not even realize that’s what you’re doing?

These are the kind of leadership mistakes that routinely affect, and are affected by, a leader’s power, presence, achievement, civility, focus, confidence, influence, impact, precision, mindfulness, ease, success, and overall sense of calm and tranquility – including, maybe you? But these are RARELY the type of issues that get addressed head-on.

Let’s change that.

  • Let’s build your power and influence.
  • Let’s increase your personal and professional presence.
  • Let’s focus on achievement and strategic alignment.
  • Let’s make sure your respect and civility are role-model worthy.

Tackling your real-world issues, in real-time ways…Going beyond just the basics and focuses on what’s most relevant and beneficial to you, right here, right now…Addressing those counterproductive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that, for far too long, have been bogging you down…Helping you become the leader you’ve always aspired to be through personalized leadership development for executives, directors, managers, and those who WANT to do better, and NEED to do better – but don’t quite know HOW.

Power creates movement. Presence inspires confidence. Achievement confirms impact. Civility fosters cooperation.

 Is It Time? Are You Ready?

Admittedly, it’s hard to know, sometimes. We’re busy, unsure, distracted, cranky, etc.
quiz time
But one way to find out is to take a short quiz to test your leadership skills.

Another way is to set up a time to talk with Barry Zweibel. Barry is the Founder of LeadershipTraction and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) – the Gold Standard of coach credentialing and a distinction that fewer than 2% of all coaches, worldwide, have achieved. His style and skill make it surprisingly easy to learn, grow, and achieve as a leader – AND human being! More likely than not, he can help you become a smarter and more capable leader, starting with your very first conversation with him.

You can learn more about Barry, here. But don’t just take HIS word for it – read what his clients say, too.

Or, if you prefer, stay stuck, keep struggling, and continue to believe that everything will ‘automagically’ be a-okay, in time!

“Me? I’m just trying to help bosses
become a little ‘less lousy’ at this thing called leadership.”

– Barry Zweibel, LeadershipTraction®


Power. Presence. Achievement. Civility.