Helping leaders, teams, and team members with those nagging workplace performance issues – the ones that keep making it harder to make a real difference.

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Leaders face an increasingly complex array of tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, goals and objectives, problems, so-called ‘opportunities’, conflicting viewpoints, challenging conversations, rising expectations, shrinking timelines, and more, in the workplace, with little, if any, time to think or plan or do much more than just react in the moment and hope for the best.

So, too, with teams and work groups as they all-too-often struggle in developing a proper balance between productivity and engagement while handling their regular responsibilities, PLUS those special projects and assignments that keep cropping up. Maybe that explains why almost 90% of all teams say they’re not living up to their performance potential!

Yet, many (most?) leaders and teams are not nearly as intentional or persistent as they COULD be – as would certainly serve them TO be – about focusing, engaging, and achieving at a consistently higher level.

It’s astoundingly – and sadly – true.

As a result, almost everyone ends up making things MUCH more complicated and stressful than necessary. And, to the detriment of the people they work with, the company they work for, and their own best interests, they continue to struggle, under-perform, and underachieve.

Perhaps you’ve seen this happen to others. Perhaps you’ve seen it happen to yourself.

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What nagging workplace performance issues have been making it harder for YOU to make a real difference?

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