Hi, there. Barry Zweibel, here.

“If you’re grappling with some real and challenging leadership concerns – and nothing you’ve tried has given you the traction you need – we should talk.”

Maybe you, or some leaders, teams, or team members you know, are facing some particularly challenging leadership problems or circumstances. Maybe you, or those others, are struggling to affect change fast enough – or thoroughly enough – and are dissatisfied with what else is, or isn’t, happening as a result.

Then again, maybe you, or some leaders you know, just aren’t DOING what they need to DO, no matter what you’ve tried to make better things happen sooner.

Or maybe you’re responsible for an important change initiative – but can’t seem to create the kind of traction you need to make those changes stick.

These are all real-world, tough-as-nails, earn-your-paycheck, have-to-solve, most-urgent, leadership problems – the kind that regular solutions just can’t handle.

Welcome to LeadershipTraction®

Helping Leaders and Organizations with their TOUGHEST Leadership Challenges

Working with leaders, teams, and team members to raise their games. To make better things happen sooner. To help meaningfully address whatever is holding them back.

Especially after whatever you’ve tried, so far, hasn’t worked.

With what’s been called “a relaxed, engaging, and counter-intuitive” style, I’m able to create surprisingly deep conversations, surprisingly quickly and stress-free. Conversations where people talk openly, and honestly, about their toughest and most pressing issues – the one’s that keep holding them back.

So we can do something about them once and for all.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;
the point is to discover them.”
– Galileo Galilei
    • 92% – the percent of those surveyed who report being “very satisfied” with the personalized coaching, mentoring, and insights they received from Barry Zweibel.
    • 23-44% – the leadership competency improvements clients report across, each of, 10 key leadership dimensions.
    • $3.93 – the average RROI* calculated for every dollar invested. (*’Rapid’ Return on Investment is my term-of-preference because clients routinely state that their Return On Investment started with our very first interaction.)
    • ONE – the number of conversations it typically takes for meaningful improvements to begin.

Consider all that’s in play. Getting to the root of things quickly and effectively saves considerable time, money, effort – and creates a shift from ‘seemingly impossible’ to ‘imminently doable’.

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