Personalized coaching and mentoring specifically designed to address your most nagging workplace performance issues and leadership development needs.

Hi, there. Barry Zweibel, (MCC) Master Certified Coach, here.

Leaders face an increasingly complex array of tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, goals, objectives, problems, so-called ‘opportunities’, conflicting viewpoints, rising expectations, shrinking timelines, and more, in the workplace, with little, if any, time to think or plan or do much more than just react in the moment and hope for the best.

So, too, with teams and work groups as they all-too-often struggle to balance productivity with engagement. Maybe that explains why almost 90% of all teams say they’re not living up to their performance potential!

It’s astoundingly – and consistently – true.

Developing Leaders and their Teams

Leaders need to think more strategically, demonstrate greater tactical precision, work better with and through others, more fully consider the downstream implications and unintended consequences BEFORE they act, and better understand and articulate not only WHAT they’re trying to achieve, but HOW they’re all trying to achieve it.

This is what LeadershipTraction helps them with.

Similarly, teams need to bond more quickly, learn how to discuss and work through conflict more constructively and respectfully, create better processes for achieving their core purpose, value both differences and similarities of their team members more fully, and communicate not just more clearly, but more proactively, as well.

This is what LeadershipTraction helps them with.

Yet, many (most?) leaders and teams are not nearly as intentional or nuanced as they SHOULD be – as certainly would serve them TO be – about what it takes to consistently focus, engage and perform at a higher level.

As a result, almost everyone ends up making things MUCH more complicated and stressful than they need to be. And, to the detriment of the people they work with, the company they work for, and their own best interests, they continue to struggle and underachieve.

Perhaps you’ve seen this in others. Perhaps you’ve seen this in yourself.

So is it time for you to learn more about the personalized coaching and mentoring that Barry Zweibel and LeadershipTraction would specifically design to address YOUR most nagging workplace performance issues or leadership development needs?

Yes, It’s Time, and YES, You’re Ready!