Why Impact Matters

Leaders hold a unique position of authority in business for the people they work with and themselves. Not only do have the ability to make things almost infinitely better, but based on their leadership style and (lack of) skill, they also have every ability to make things almost infinitely worse.

When leaders can’t effectively manage complex tasks and information, it directly affects:

• Project and Program Management Success
• Accountability Discussions and The Shaping Others’ Behaviors
• Effectively Managing Up, Down, and Across The Organization
• Collaboration
• Executive Intelligence

When leaders can’t constructively manage conflict or difficult and challenging conversations, it directly impacts:

• Giving and Receiving Truly Effective Performance Feedback
• Preparing for Big Meetings
• Evaluating Key Metrics
• Managing Conflict
• Clarity of Communications

When leaders can’t consistently think, feel, and act in ways that motivate, impress, and truly inspire others, it directly limits:

• Team and Team Member Performance
• Thought Leadership and Vision
• Priority Management and Follow-through
• Change Management
• Inspiring Others to Demonstrate Greater Urgency, Thoroughness, and Consistency in What THEY Do

When leaders get unnerved by sudden shifts in plans, priorities, and responsibilities, it directly dilutes:

• Flexibility and Organizational Agility
• Intelligent Conversation
• Working Through Ambiguity
• Mood Management
• How Others Achieve

When leaders can’t successfully control their reactions to stress, strain, and worry, it directly weakens:

• Organizational Capacity-Building
• Leveraging Employee Strengths And Mitigating Their Weaknesses
• Control, Challenge, and Commitment
• Grit, Resolve, and Resilience
• Work/Life Balance
• Delivering Key Business Deliverables

❝When You Keep Doing
The Way You’ve Always Done Things
You Can’t Call That Growth.❞

barry zweibel
from his Book, Leadership Haiku

Trusted Coaching and Mentoring

At LeadershipTraction, our coaching and mentoring services focus on helping leaders solve their most pressing and challenging problems in clear, concise, imaginative, and respectful ways. Why?

  • Because every leader conversation involves at least the potential for conflict, stress, and strain, so it matters how confident and capable you – and the leaders in your charge – actually are when dealing with the potential for conflict, stress and strain
  • Because just covering the basics is no longer enough, so it matters how meaningful, timely, and eye-opening the business results you – and every person who reports to you – achieve, actually are
  • Because the performance of the teams and personnel under a leader’s authority directly impacts the reputation and success of that leader and the overall organization, so it matters how you – and every leader in your sphere-of-influence – leverage the potential of those you work with up, down, and across the organization

Helping leaders achieve greater confidence, clarity, insight, perspective, and decisiveness – especially when they’re not sure what to do, or how to do it – is why LeadershipTraction has become such a trusted and valued resource for leaders, leaders of leaders, and HR/OD professionals charged with helping leaders grow, organizations succeed, and employees thrive.

Creating a positive and lasting impact is what every leader wants. And that’s precisely what LeadershipTraction is all about.

❝We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.❞

Albert Einstein

How LeadershipTraction Helps Leaders, Employers, and Employees Increase Their Impact

Looking for a customized solution designed specifically for you and yours? Let’s talk.

Impact by the Numbers

  • 93% – the percent of clients surveyed have reported being “very satisfied” with the personalized coaching, mentoring, training, and support they’ve received.
  • 23-45% – the average improvements cited across more than 10 essential leadership development competencies directly related to improving their impact, influence, performance, and achievement
  • 4:1 – the average return on investment cited by clients with respect to the lasting and sustainable results achieved
  • One – the number of conversations it typically takes for clients to feel real and meaningful traction

More ROI Data.

What Clients Say

Image Source: Pixabay

❝Barry speaks to the human element that we all deal with in business which underlies many of our interactions on a daily basis at work. He was completely engaged in the conversation and attaining some results from it. He helped me get to another level of communication in my new position which has greatly helped, not only me, but the entire office. He was flexible and gave me ideas that made sense for each conversation. I didn’t feel like his ideas were a pre-programmed ‘canned’ process.❞

-SA, Vice President, Client Services/Banking, Minneapolis, MN
Image Source: Pixabay

❝Barry has a unique gift of listening and asking the right questions to drill down to the key points and identifying patterns. I found myself looking forward to each next coaching session with great anticipation. Barry made me think about and question my long-standing, self-limiting, assumptions and thoughts and then gave me ways to overcome them. I liked the way he never told me what to do. Instead, he helped me tell myself what to do. Thanks for helping me enjoy life (all aspects) much more.❞

-JP, Director, Human Resources/Government, Louisville, KY
Image Source: Pixabay

❝Barry’s instincts were ‘spot-on’ in identifying roadblocks to professional growth and his ideas for resolution were workable and reasonable. He intuitively understood our limits of endurance on sensitive issues and could safely walk us through them to careful and thoughtful results. I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in engaging a professional coach.❞

-CK, Director, Administration/Financial Services, Chicago, IL

More Client Endorsements and information on MCC-Master Certified Coach, Barry Zweibel and LeadershipTraction.

F.O.C.U.S. Creates Impact

Part of the LeadershipTraction F.R.A.M.E.TM Model of Coaching and Mentoring is Step 1 – F.O.C.U.S. – which helps leaders quickly and easily learn to think more strategically, collaborate more freely, take full responsibility for their decisions, and create more meaningful and lasting positive outcomes:

The LeadershipTraction F.O.C.U.S. diagram

More about how we F.O.C.U.S. and F.R.A.M.E. our coaching and mentoring conversations.

The bigger point is this: Whether you’re reading this page for yourself or because you’re interested in helping other leaders in your organization, the opportunity to claim your leadership voice and vision, truly motivate and inspire, and start creating a significantly greater impact, is just a conversation away.

❝You may delay, but time will not.❞

Benjamin Franklin
LeadershipTraction® | Impact. What Every Leader Wants.
Impact. What Every Leader Wants.