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How do they do it?

Some leaders never seem to struggle with even the most frustrating or challenging of assignments.

They always seem to be able to consistently create just the right amount of urgency without derailing quality, collaboration, or camaraderie.

And whether working as a team lead, team member, or direct contributor, they routinely get done whatever needs to get done – on time, within budget, to scope, and to the satisfaction of those most relying on them.

How DO they do it?!

Lead Like a Leader Who Was Born To!

Hi, there. Barry Zweibel, here.

I help leaders learn to tackle even their most challenging responsibilities with greater confidence, agility, specificity, and traction – just like leaders who were born to!

The kind of challenges that typically need more attention than they’ve been getting.

The kind of challenges that just don’t ‘get done’ by themselves.

The kind of challenges that can be all-too-easily derailed by leaders having certain – and easily identifiable – leadership and self-awareness skill gaps that display themselves in terms of:

  • The effectiveness with which they manage the tasks assigned to them and the people they’re responsible for working with, and through – and how that affects:
    • Project Management
    • Accountability
    • Directional Leadership (managing up, down, across, and within)
    • Collaboration
    • Executive Intelligence
  • How they handle difficult and important conversations – and the impact that has on:
    • Giving and receiving performance feedback
    • Preparing for big meetings
    • Evaluating key metrics
    • Conflict management
    • Communications and messaging
  • Who is, and isn’t, thinking, planning, or communicating strategically or transparently enough – and how that dilutes:
    • Thought Leadership
    • Time Management
    • Priority Management
    • Inspiring others to demonstrate Greater Urgency, Thoroughness, and Consistency in what they do
  • Reactions to shifts in priorities and sudden changes in plans – and their impact on:
    • Flexibility
    • Availability
    • Teamwork
    • Intelligent Conversation
    • Working through Ambiguity
    • Mood Management
  • The extent to which they, and those around them, are becoming more or less resistant to stress and strain – and how it affects:
    • Building Organizational Capacity
    • Leveraging Employee Strengths and Mitigating their Weaknesses
    • Locus of Control
    • Achieving sufficient Work/Life Balance

Helping Leaders Learn to Tackle Even Their Most Challenging Responsibilities with Greater Confidence, Agility, Specificity, and Traction.

In addition to what clients have said about working with Barry Zweibel and LeadershipTraction, here are some key ‘flash stats’ about the quality and impact of results achieved:

99 percentThe percent of those surveyed who reported being satisfied or better with the personalized coaching, mentoring, and support they received.

23-44 percentThe range of improvement clients cited across each of 10 key leadership development dimensions.

just oneThe number of conversations it typically takes for meaningful traction to begin when talking with Barry Zweibel.


What Makes Barry Zweibel So Uniquely Qualified?

I think my firsthand experience with mission-critical operations, crisis management, conflict resolution, project management, culture change, and customer/vendor negotiations and relations, while reporting to the Board of Directors, and C-level leaders, for business-improving technology, political, fiduciary, and organizational outcomes – coupled with my professional coaching, mentoring, and adult teaching expertise – provides a very unique background and credibility for helping others accelerate their own, growth and development as leaders and business people.

I also think my knowing how fear, uncertainty, doubt, and the mere passing of time can undermine the best of plans – and even the smartest, kindest, and most capable of people – makes engaging leaders in truly relevant and resonant conversations all the more possible.

Add a style that’s been described as “intelligent, creative, conversational, and highly personalized,” I’m able to help people reach surprisingly deep and meaningful insights about their biggest challenges – and themselves – surprisingly quickly, and in surprisingly engaging, and stress-free ways through intentional conversations that help people open up and talk candidly about the things they just don’t feeling comfortable talking about with just anyone. So, together, we can constructively brainstorm, simplify, and get back on the path of true leadership traction.

Whether I’m coaching, mentoring, consulting, training, or leveraging my functional experience as a leader, business executive, author, or adjunct instructor, the key has always been my ability to help others discover, and implement, timely and workable solutions – ones that not only align with their particular roles and responsibilities, but fit their individual personality and preferences. After all, the even the best plans are worthless if they’re only talked about!

How many people do you know like that?!

(More about my background and the mission, vision, and values of LeadershipTraction.)

“Yes, It’s Time, and YES, You’re Ready!”

So, considering the downside of waiting – and the upside of getting to it, already – isn’t it time to shift from the tolerating ‘seemingly impossible’ to implementing the ‘imminently doable’?

Yes, it’s time, and YES, you’re ready!

❝All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.❞

Galileo Galilei
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