Let’s Rethink How You Think ⇝ About Working With Others!!

Isn’t it Time You Became More STRATEGIC in Your Relationship-Building?!


The Most
Form of Leadership


The Most
Form of Leadership


The Most
Form of Leadership


The Most
Form of Leadership

Let’s Rethink How You Think ⇝ About Your Professional Growth and Development!!

Isn’t it Time You Became More INTENTIONAL About Actually Learning What You Know You Need to Learn?!

Employee Accountability and Recognition

How often do YOU find yourself trying to convince your staff to take more responsibility for their deliverables?

Difficult and Challenging Situations

How often do YOU tend to make matters worse by avoiding conflict and those conversations you know you need to have?

Prioritization and Follow-Through

How often do YOU work on what’s urgent or easy at the expense of what’s necessary and important?

Confidence and Executive Presence

How often do YOU feel you’re just not getting the respect you deserve or having the impact you want?

Coaching and Mentoring Others

How often do YOU give others your full and undivided attention when they come to you for insight and assistance?

Finding and Claiming
Your Leadership Voice

How often do YOU wish you could lead with a confidence, joy, and ease that truly represents who you really are and what you’re trying to accomplish?

Team Productivity
and Engagement

How often do YOU see your team under-performing, performing inconsistently, or just not seeming to really care?

Hardiness, Grit, and Personal Resolve

How often do YOU struggle with stress, strain, emotional overwhelm, burnout, mental fatigue, or exhaustion?

Controlling Your Fears, Worries, and Doubts

How often do YOU let your perfectionistic tendencies and that incessant negative self-talk of yours get the better of you?

Now Let’s Rethink How You Think ⇝ About Accelerating Your Growth and Development!!

Isn’t it Time You Better Aligned HOW You’re Taught with Your Personal Learning Preferences and Priorities?!

Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.
– Eliyahu Goldratt, originator of the Theory of Constraints

Which Brings Us To Rethinking ⇝ What’s In It For You?!

Isn’t It Time You Made Your Success and Satisfaction More of a Priority?!

So, Yes, Let’s Rethink How You Think ⇝ About Leadership!!

Isn’t It Time to More Regularly Engage from the CENTER of Your Venn?!

The Venn of Executive Excellence™, per LeadershipTraction®
The Basic and Overlapping Elements of the Venn of Executive Excellence

The Basic Elements of the Venn of Executive Excellence

• The WORK You Do ⇝

How directly you’re involved in higher-impact/higher-visibility projects and assignments that showcase your skills, interests, abilities, fit, and personal/professional readiness for increasing recognition and responsibility.

• The APPROACH You Take ⇝

Your executive presence, that is demonstration of your personal power, confidence, poise-under-pressure, conflict and negotiation skills, self-efficacy, and overall respect and regard for those you work and for, and the organization you serve.

• The IMPACT You Have ⇝

Your ability to engage and communicate clearly, crisply, compellingly, insightfully, and naturally across all formal and informal business settings and circumstances.

The Overlapping Elements of the Venn of Executive Excellence

• The HOW of Your WHAT ⇝

In the overlap of the WORK You Do and the APPROACH You Take is where the extent to which the approach you take improves the quality and quantity of work completed, is demonstrated…or not.

• The WHY of Your HOW ⇝

In the overlap of the APPROACH You Take and the IMPACT You Have is where the extent to which you build (or burn) bridges with the people you work with and for, becomes apparent…or not

• The WHAT of Your WHY ⇝

In the overlap of the IMPACT You Have and the WORK You Do is where the extent to which the work you do (and have others do in your chain of command) makes good things happen sooner, more regularly, and more consistently so, shows itself…or not.

The extent to which the work you do enables better things to happen more regularly, consistently, and sooner

The Core of the Venn of Executive Excellence

• Where True Leadership Traction Comes From ⇝

In the overlap of the WORK You Do, the APPROACH You Take, and the IMPACT You Have (and the HOW of Your WHAT, the RESULTS of Your HOW, and the RESULTS of Your WHAT) all combine to create irrefutable evidence that you’re leading confidently, capably, and convincingly – and without all that incessant ‘second-guessing-yourself’ thing you probably do.

That is what true leadership traction is all about.

This is precisely what LeadershipTraction® is all about: Helping you become a better leader – sooner, more easily, and more in keeping with who you already are as a caring, motivated, and responsible human being.

Is the Mere Thought of You Trying to Become a Better Leader Making You Anxious and Uneasy?!

Isn’t It Time You Stopped Letting Those “IMPOSTER SYNDROME” Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs of Yours Ruin Everything?!

“Yes, It’s Time, and YES, You’re Ready!!”

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