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The problems are real.

Maybe you, or some leaders, teams, or team members you know, are struggling with a particularly frustrating or challenging set of circumstances.

Maybe you, or others you know, are responsible for an important program, project, or initiative that can’t seem to generate the kind of momentum it needs.

Or maybe you, or some leaders in your organization just aren’t doing what needs to be done, no matter how hard anyone’s tried to create the proper motivation, context, or accountability.

Urgent, thorny, earn-your-paycheck, get-er-done, as-in-NOW, leadership development issues, all.

Leadership Development is an INTENTIONAL Activity

Hi, there. Barry Zweibel, here.

I help leaders intentionally gain the confidence, clarity, and traction they need to better handle their most challenging, complex, and time-sensitive workplace issues.

The ones that are having too much of a negative impact to simply ignore.

The ones that haven’t responded to whatever you’ve already tried.

The ones that aren’t solving themselves.

Issues like:

  • Handling difficult and important conversations (e.g. giving and receiving performance feedback, preparing for big meeting, conflict, ambiguity)
  • Working, more capably, with and through other people, up, down, across the organization and with important customers, vendors, and industry contacts (directional leadership)
  • Thinking, planning, and communicating more strategically (e.g. better thought leadership, time-management, and inspiring others to demonstrate more urgency, thoroughness, and consistency in what they do)
  • Becoming more stress-resistant and resilient – and helping others with that and their own work/life balance
  • Recognizing your impact, accepting full responsibility for it, and modifying your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, accordingly

Gain the Confidence, Clarity, and Traction You Need to Better Handle Your Most Challenging, Complex, and Time-Sensitive Workplace Issues, INTENTIONALLY

  • 92% – the percent of those surveyed who reported being “very satisfied” with the personalized coaching, mentoring, and support they received from me.
  • 23-44% – the range of improvement clients experienced, across each of 10 key leadership development dimensions.
  • ONE – the number of conversations it typically takes for meaningful traction to begin.

I think my experience with mission-critical operations, crisis management, conflict resolution, seemingly impossible deadlines, and other such pressure-packed situations, coupled with my coaching expertise, provides a context and credibility that accelerates change.

I think my knowing how fear, uncertainty, doubt, and the mere passing of time, can undermine the best of plans – and even the smartest, kindest, and most capable of leaders – makes engaging engages leaders in relevant and resonant conversations about what they know they need to learn all the more possible.

But whether I’m coaching, mentoring, consulting, training, or leveraging my functional experience as a project manager, business executive, author, or adjunct instructor, the key has always been my ability to help others discover timely and workable solutions – ones that not only align with their particular roles and responsibilities, but fit with each person’s individual personality, preferences, and proclivities. After all, the even the best plans are worthless if they’re never implemented.

So with a style that’s been described as relaxed, engaging, and conversational, I’m able to help people reach surprisingly deep and meaningful insights about their biggest challenges – surprisingly quickly, and in surprisingly stress-reducing ways.

Intentional conversations that help people quit spinning their wheels. Conversations that engage and encourage leaders to open up, and talk honestly about the things they just don’t feeling comfortable talking about with just anyone – so, together, we can constructively brainstorm, simplify, and get back on the path of true leadership traction.

Consider all that’s in play. Getting to the root of things more quickly and effectively saves time, money, effort – and creates a shift from that ‘seemingly impossible’ to something I like to call, ‘imminently doable’.

Is it time? Are you ready?

❝All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.❞

Galileo Galilei
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