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Your Thinking MATTERS

Leaders and managers hold a unique position of authority in business. When they’re on the right track, they have the ability to make things significantly better. But when not, they can make things infinitely worse.

And fundamental to it all, is how we think. Because if we’re thinking the wrong things – or thinking about the right things in the wrong ways – our results can’t help but be substandard.

Take a close and honest look: As a leader of others, how many of these counterproductive thoughts are you – or the managers in your charge – guilty of?

  • Are you thinking that your job is sometimes too difficult to manage?
  • Are you thinking up excuses for avoiding difficult conversations?
  • Are you thinking about how hard it is to work with others?
  • Are you thinking you just don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing?

Lesser Thinking = Lesser Outcomes

If any of the above resonated for you, then it’s time to change how you’re thinking so you can improve how you lead.

Because if you don’t, others in your organization will soon start modeling your counterproductive thinking – if they haven’t already – and the tasks that they once found ‘easy’ to accomplish will soon seem too difficult. And the assignments they used to think were ‘challenging, but doable’ will soon become near-impossible.

And that type of thinking can only lead to one thing for them, and you:


Unmitigated, unavoidable failure.

But with the proper guidance and perspective – the proper coaching and mentoring – leaders can not only learn to avoid these pitfalls, they can start engaging with themselves, and those in their sphere-of-influence, in increasingly powerful and productive ways.

They key, of course, is recognizing that in order to change how you lead, you have to change how you think.

That’s where LeadershipTraction comes in.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein
LeadershipTraction® | Executive Development Coaching and Mentoring

Improve HOW You Think

When leaders shift HOW they think – about leadership, in general, and their specific roles and responsibilities, in particular – good things start to happen sooner in terms of what they think, feel, believe, and do.

In other words, when they change how they think, they change how they lead:

  • “I can’t,” becomes “How can I?”
  • “I don’t know how,” becomes “Let’s figure this out!”
  • “It’s too hard,” becomes “I’m ready for this particular challenge!”
  • “I’m overwhelmed,” becomes “I’m confident I can weather the storm!”
  • “I’m spinning my wheels,” becomes “How best to hit this thing ‘head-on’?”
  • “I’m not good enough,” becomes “I refuse to let this be a referendum on my self-worth!”

Improve How You ACHIEVE

The whole point of any leadership or management development initiative is for leaders to learn how to think more clearly, collaborate more freely, take full responsibility for all of their decisions, and create a more positive and lasting business impact – more quickly and easily than they might, otherwise.

This is what LeadershipTraction does.

“You may delay, but time will not.”

Benjamin Franklin
LeadershipTraction® | Professional Development Coaching and Mentoring

Who CHALLENGES Your Thinking?

Who do you talk with about your fears, uncertainties, and doubts? Who can you rely on discuss your questions and concerns and challenges and worries? Who’s open to constructively brainstorming with you on your conflicts and complaints and insecurities and vulnerabilities?

Who consistently provides you with their complete and undivided attention?

  • Your boss?
    • Not that s/he has the time or inclination, right?!
  • Your favorite direct reports?
    • You already know you really shouldn’t be sharing this kind of privileged and private information with them, yes?!
  • Your peers?
    • Surely fine people, but how much more insight or perspective are they likely to have than you?
  • Your spouse or significant other?
    • Likely Number One on your ‘go-to’ list, but how exhausting (not to mention unsettling) it must be to hear you fret so, night after night.
  • Your friends and family?
    • Or do they always seem to shift the conversation back to them and THEIR issues?!

Of course you can keep doing what most people do – continue to keep it all bottled up inside – but…

  • How well does that work, really?
  • And what if real help was an actual option?

Let’s Have THAT Conversation

Working with a professional coach – particularly a fully-trained, certified, and experienced professional coach like Barry Zweibel – is all about helping you with what YOU need.

Coaching conversations are specifically designed to help you separate the signal from the noise and get clear from your muddled thoughts so you can carve out and clarify what’s most crucial for ensuring your goals and objectives can be adequately met, moving forward.

Coaching conversations provide a confidential, candid, and surprisingly-engaging exploration of what you need to get back to your ‘better’ self and enjoy consistently greater confidence, clarity, perspective, and ease.

All tolled, it makes striving for, and achieving, what you need and want, imminently more doable.

So what do you think? Is it time? Are you ready?

It starts as easily as arranging a simple, preliminary conversation.

“Improving How You Think Really DOES Improve How You Lead!”

Barry Zweibel | MBA, Master Certified Coach and Mentor
Leadership Development Specialist | LeadershipTraction

LeadershipTraction® | Management Development Coaching and Mentoring

TRUSTED Coaching and Mentoring

But does it work? Does engaging with a trusted coach and mentor like Barry Zweibel actually have the impact intended?

During the last twenty years, Barry Zweibel has become a consistently reliable resource for organizations, leaders, leaders of leaders, and HR/OD professionals to engage with, stay with, and reengage with, over time.

Why? Because of one simple, irrevocable truth:

Barry engages leaders in deeply-meaningful, personally-relevant, and fully-respectful conversations about how they think – and how best to span the gap between the outcomes they WANT and the outcomes likely to result if they don’t change their thinking.

Individual results, of course, may vary, but here are some ‘flash stats’ – irrefutable evidence of value – from those having made the decision to engage:

Image Source: Pixabay ~35% The percent of clients that have returned months, if not years, after 'completion', because they knew they'd continue to get the kind of help and value they needed in facing their most current set of challenges. Image Source: Pixabay +99% The percent of clients reporting being ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the outcomes of the personalized coaching and mentoring they received – ⁣and their ability to handle change and uncertainty more capably. Image Source: Pixabay 23-45% The growth and improvement cited across more than 10 key leadership competencies known to directly improve a leader's impact, influence, and agility.‌ Image Source: Pixabay +85% The percent of clients who extended their engagements beyond the initially agreed-upon duration so that they could continue to benefit from the process and outcomes. Image Source: Pixabay ~4x The multiplier of value received for every $1 spent – that is, the average ROI (return on investment) as calculated by clients, themselves. Image Source: Pixabay One. Just One. The number of conversations it typically takes for clients to start thinking smarter and more strategically, and leading more powerfully and capably. Image Source: Pixabay 60 Seconds About how long it takes to reach out and schedule a preliminary conversation to learn more. Image Source: Pixabay Image Source: Pixabay Image Source: Pixabay Image Source: Pixabay Image Source: Pixabay Image Source: Pixabay Image Source: Pixabay

Yes, It’s Time, and YES, You’re Ready!

Meaningfully addressing your leadership development needs – or those of others in your organization – starts with a simple, no-strings-attached, preliminary conversation with master certified coach (MCC) Barry Zweibel.

Even if he’s not a good fit for you or your organization, he can likely help you better clarify and articulate your needs and help you build some immediate… leadership traction!

Or you can let your busyness – and the very concerns that brought you here in the first place – sidetrack you (yet, again) as they’ve done surely numerous times before.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago – the second best time is NOW.”

YOU – once you decide to call LeadershipTraction 😉
LeadershipTraction® | Professional Development Coaching and Mentoring