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Thought-provoking insights and information on leadership, becoming a better leader, AND being more of your Best Self, more often.

Being a leader is challenging work. Being a CAPABLE leader is even more challenging.

Leaders, such as yourself, face an increasingly complex array of tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, goals, objectives, problems, so-called ‘opportunities’, conflicting viewpoints, rising expectations, shrinking timelines, and more, with little, if any, time to think or plan or do much more than just react in the moment and hope for the best.

It’s astonishingly true. And annoyingly unavoidable.

What that means is that your ultimate success as a leader – and satisfaction as a human being – is defined far more by how you handle what you’re not sure how to handle than by doing anything you already know how to do or have done before.

We call that traction – leadership traction!

 Becoming a Better Leader is an INTENTIONAL Activity

Building traction requires intention, nuance, clarity of thought, and the ability to leverage ALL of your resources – as your Best Self – in continuing and increasingly skillful ways.

  • Thinking more strategically.
  • Demonstrating greater tactical precision.
  • Fully considering the downstream and unintended implications of your actions BEFORE you act.
  • Better understanding and articulating not only WHAT you’re all trying to achieve, but WHY you’re all trying to achieve it.

Yet, many (most?) leaders are not nearly as intentional or nuanced in their approach as they SHOULD be – as would serve them TO be.

As a result, they end up making things MUCH more complicated for themselves and the people they work with, without even realizing it.

Perhaps you can relate!

  • Do you have trouble holding your staff accountable for their actions, commitments and deliverables?
  • Is communicating effectively up or down or across the organization a real challenge for you?
  • How frustrated do you get when stressed, faced with bad news, or simply displeased by plans not going as planned?
  • Are you reluctant to address conflict or face challenging, difficult, or important conversations in a timely and constructive manner?
  • Has perfectionism ever lessened your productivity, responsiveness, flexibility, value-added, etc., etc., etc.?
  • Does busyness and distraction lead you to inadvertently focus on the wrong things in the wrong ways or, worse yet, cause you to not even realize that’s what you’re doing?

These are the kind of leadership mistakes that routinely affect, and are affected by, a leader’s power, presence, achievement, civility, focus, confidence, influence, impact, precision, mindfulness, ease, success, and overall sense of calm and tranquility.

Again, can you relate?!

Accelerate Your Learning

Accelerating and sustaining success, as a leader – AND human being – results from these three overlapping types of support:

  1. Tutelage – Because you just don’t always have the time to figure things out by yourself and a well-timed theory or framework can make you immediately smarter and more savvy.
  2. Coaching – Because the personal exploration that coaching brings can unlock potential, strengthen resolve, and create greater awareness and self-confidence from which to lead.
  3. Mentoring – Because the sharing of insights and know-how, coupled with a deep commitment to you and your success, creates a solid foundation for your growth and development.

And with such support, it becomes imminently easier to:

LeadershipTraction® | Nuanced Coaching, Mentoring, Tutelage

  • Hit your challenges ‘head-on’ – that is, tackle your real-world issues in real-time ways.
  • Go beyond just the basics – that is, focus on whatever leadership nuances are most relevant and beneficial to you, right here, right now.
  • Improve your confidence and self-efficacy – that is, finally address those counterproductive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that, for far too long, have been bogging you down.
  • Actively strive to become the best leader you can possibly be – that is, get the ongoing, objective support you need to make it a reality

Is It Time? Are You Ready?

Test Your Leadership SkillsAdmittedly, it’s hard being your Best Self. You’re busy, unsure, distracted, cranky, etc.

But one way to find out if it’s time for you to increase your intentionality – as a leader AND human being – is to take a short leadership skills quiz.

Another way is to set up a time to talk with Barry Zweibel. Barry is the Founder of LeadershipTraction and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) – the Gold Standard of coach credentialing and a distinction that fewer than 2% of all coaches, worldwide, have achieved. His style and skill make it surprisingly easy to learn, grow, and achieve quickly and easily. More likely than not, he can help you become a smarter and more capable leader, starting with your very first conversation with him.

You can learn more about Barry, here. But don’t just take HIS word for it – read what his clients say, too.

Or, if you prefer, stay stuck, keep struggling, and continue to believe that everything will ‘automagically’ be a-okay, in time!

(Hint: It won’t. But you already know that, don’t you.)

Leadership Haiku, by Barry Zweibel

“Time Passes Quickly.
Although Sometimes It Does Not.
Funny How That Is.”

Barry Zweibel
Author of Leadership Haiku

Thought-provoking insights and information on leadership, becoming a better leader, AND being more of your Best Self, more often.