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How is it that some leaders are ALWAYS able to achieve – even when faced with even the most frustrating or challenging assignments?

How is it that when they’re working with others, they always seem to be creating just the right amount of urgency and change – shaping what happens next without derailing anyone’s motivation, responsiveness, or work quality?

Whether they’re working as team leads, team members, or direct contributors, how is it that they’re seemingly always able to get done whatever needs to get done – on time, within budget, to scope, with a smile on their face, and to the satisfaction of those most relying on them?

What Are YOUR Challenges?

LeadershipTraction Coaching helps mid-to-senior-level managers in high-visibility/responsibility positions improve their leadership, conflict management, and executive presence skills. That is,

The effectiveness with which leaders manage the tasks assigned to them – and how that affects:

  • Project And Program Management Success
  • Accountability Discussions And The Shaping Others’ Behaviors
  • Effectively Managing Up, Down, And Across The Organization
  • Collaboration
  • Executive Intelligence

The way leaders approach difficult and important conversations – and how that impacts:

  • Giving And Receiving Truly Effective Performance Feedback
  • Preparing For Big Meetings
  • Evaluating Key Metrics
  • Managing Conflict
  • Messaging and Communications

How leaders think, plan, listen, and communicate – and how that improves:

  • Thought Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Priority Management
  • Change Management
  • Inspiring Others To Demonstrate Greater Urgency, Thoroughness, And Consistency In What THEY Do

The way leaders react to sudden shifts in priorities and changes in plans – and how that informs:

  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Intelligent Conversation
  • Working Through Ambiguity
  • Mood Management
  • How Others Achieve

How leaders handle stress and strain – and how that influences:

  • Building Organizational Capacity
  • Leveraging Employee Strengths And Mitigating Their Weaknesses
  • Locus of Control
  • Achieving Sufficient Work/Life Balance
  • Business Deliverables

This is the work that LeadershipTraction Coaching performs. And this is what LeadershipTraction Coaching can help you – and those in your charge – discover, understand, incorporate, routinize, achieve, and benefit from.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

Galileo Galilei

Leadership Development is an Intentional Activity

Here’s something to consider: After all this time – and after all you’ve already tried – what makes you think your concerns will ‘auto-magically’ resolve themselves? What are the odds of that really happening without you getting some outside support – without you getting far more intentional about it all?

Which begs the question: What UNIQUELY qualifies Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach and President of LeadershipTraction, to shape how leaders lead and achieve as effectively as he does?

What Are LeadershipTraction Clients Saying?

  • 92% of clients have reported being “very satisfied” with the personalized coaching, mentoring, training, and support they’ve received.
  • They’ve cited improvements of 23-44% across 10 essential leadership development competencies directly related to their impact, influence, performance, and achievement.
  • They’ve reported an average return on investment of nearly $4 of value – lasting and sustainable value – for every dollar spent.
  • Plus, do you know how many conversations they say it typically took for some real and meaningful traction to kick in when talking with Barry Zweibel? One. Just one. (Based on this, alone, don’t you owe it to yourself to CALL or CLICK to learn more?)
  • And if reading client endorsements and testimonials is your thing, there are plenty available.

“Helping mid-to-senior-level managers in high-visibility/responsibility positions improve their leadership, conflict management, and executive presence skills.”

LeadershipTraction Coaching

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