Optimizing Optimism

A large part of optimism is believing that “goodness” pervades reality. Makes sense, then,   that optimists are typically of good mood. But what if you don’t consider yourself an optimist or just aren’t in a ‘good mood’ kind of place right now? What then? Or more to the point, HOW then? How can you reset, …

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Slow Down Your Listening

“How many times do you find your mind wandering when someone is talking to you? No, you’re not abnormal. And you don’t have attention deficit disorder. Most people speak at an average rate of about 120 words a minute. But most people can listen about four times faster. So you mind fills in the gaps by …

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image source: pixabay

How to L.E.A.R.N. Better

It’s hard to learn things in group settings: Some group members are quicker studies than others; some are more willing to ask questions than others; some are more interested. And all too often what may be relevant to one person is wildly irrelevant to others (read: you). Many teachers (and mentors, coaches, facilitators, trainers, speakers, …

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