Talkative Women Lose at Work, Study Says

(Excerpted from The Wall Street Journal Professional with Factivia.)

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Chatty women are getting snubbed in the workplace.

Men who dominate office conversations are more likely to get ahead, but women who do the same tend to be seen as less capable, new research suggests.

In a recent study by a Yale University business professor, 156 participants were asked to read an article about a fictitious chief executive—described as a talkative man, talkative woman, quiet man or quiet woman—and rate their competency on a seven-point scale. CEOs were conveyed as talkative or quiet based on how often they expressed their opinions in relation to other executives. A rating of seven was considered the highest score for competency.

Participants rated the competency of talkative male CEOs a 5.64, on average, compared with 5.11 for quiet males. Talkative female CEOs, on the other hand, were seen as less suited for their jobs, receiving just a 4.83 rating and far underperforming quiet female CEOs, who received 5.62.

“When women have power, they just don’t have the same license as men to talk as much,” says Victoria Brescoll, the study’s author. Both male and female participants were guilty of discriminating against talkative women, she notes.

—Leslie Kwoh


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An Open Letter to Dr. Pepper

Dear Dr. Pepper:

I’m a BIG diet DP fan – and a guy – so I thought I’d try Dr. Pepper TEN. But what’s up with that label?! Ten BOLD Tasting calories (per 8 FL OZ) but 20 calories per bottle (serving size: 1 bottle)?! Why not say 5 calories per 4 FL OZ serving, or 2 1/2 per 2  FL OZ serving, or something similarly absurd?!

Also of the 20 FL OZ per bottle, you’re saying that ONLY 10 are actually BOLD tasting?! What are the OTHER 10, TIMID tasting?! COWARDLY tasting?!

Makes me wonder: 10 BOLD tasting calories + 10 MEEK tasting calories blend into what, 20 NONDESCRIPT tasting calories?! Is that really the best you could do?!


Since high school (which was quite a while ago) the Dr.P brand has been sacrosanct for me. “Dr. Pepper: It’s like drinking nectar,” I’ve been known to say. Your labeling strategy for DP TEN, though, is unabashedly duplicitous.

Mostly, though, it’s just heart-breaking. ☹

So shame on you and your two-faced, two-timing, two-calorie (per 1.6 FL OZ serving) marketing brass for letting these labels go to market like this. Shame on you.

Disappointingly yours,

Barry Zweibel
Previously-ARDENT Dr. Pepper Fan

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Elevators, Creativity, Collaboration, and Leadership

Perhaps you’ve seen this video of Arcade Fire performing Neon Bible … live … in an elevator. Good stuff. Did you notice the percussionist, though? Since an elevator is obviously too small a place for a full drum set (along with 7 people and all their assorted instruments) he’s there banging on the elevator ceiling and ripping pages out of a magazine … to the beat! Magnificent! It all got me thinking about how being a leader today requires a creative flair not unlike that of the guy ripping pages to the beat in that crowded elevator. To wit:

  • Limitations in Resources – What boss isn’t being asked to do more and more with less and less?!
  • Consistently Unchartered Territories – What boss is still able to rely on yesterday’s solutions’ to today’s (and tomorrow’s) problems?!
  • Increasingly Complexities – What boss only gets routine/familiar assignments to grapple with anymore?!
  • Self-Management Challenges – What boss doesn’t have to effectively manage tempo, tone, and timbre regardless of whatever is or is not happening?!
  •  Conflicting Priorities – What boss doesn’t have to simultaneously manage multiple challenges and generate meaningful business-impacting results for each?
  • Self/Other Dynamics – What boss doesn’t need to stand out in the crowd without undermining teamwork, collaboration, or one’s reputation?!

Today’s leaders need an agility and readiness to deal with … whatever … whenever. Sometimes that may mean ‘banging on the ceiling’; sometimes that may mean tearing things up and starting anew. Regardless, it’s a boss’s job to insure that all parties – including themselves – ‘keep the beat’ and all ‘play nicely’ together. Now go ride that elevator to the very top floor!

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