10 Myths Managers Believe | Intuit Quickbase Blog

intuit quickbaseManagers have a surprisingly large number of deeply held beliefs that are sometimes just plain wrong. Here are 10 of the most common.

(These are all pretty spot-on. I think my favorite, though, is Myth #3 – yeah, after putting in a ridiculous amount of overtime on a project, this is EXACTLY what everyone wants to do…NOT!)

10 Myths Managers Believe … and Why They’re Wrong | Intuit Quickbase Blog.

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On the Importance of Mentors | NYTimes.com

The New York TimesAn interview with Ilene Gordon, C.E.O. of Ingredion, a company that turns raw materials into ingredients for the food, beverage and other industries, that was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.

“I’m not just hiring the person sitting there; I’m hiring the four people who mentored him. I don’t think there’s anybody who’s successful in their role today who hasn’t been mentored by somebody.”

Continue reading at: Ilene Gordon of Ingredion, on the Importance of Mentors | NYTimes.com.

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The Energy Audit | The Energy Project

“Are you working at peak performance? Find out how effectively you’re currently managing your four sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.”

This quick, 20-question, assessment will show you which behaviors can improve your performance, effectiveness, and satisfaction. Be sure to check out the “tips” section, afterwards – it’s got all sorts of great ideas to try.

Continue reading at: The Energy Audit | The Energy Project.

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The Case for Taking a REAL Lunch Break | Fortune Management

cnn-moneyEight out of ten employees now gulp a quick lunch at their desks, says a new survey.

But not taking a breather during the day, even for just a few minutes, is a recipe for burnout.

“When demand in our lives intensifies, we tend to hunker down and push harder. The trouble is that, without any downtime to refresh and recharge, we’re less efficient, make more mistakes, and get less engaged with what we’re doing.”

Continue reading: The case for taking a real lunch break | Fortune Management.

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