Symbolic Leadership

Key Traction-Point: Everything communicates. Walk the talk. Actions speak louder than words. Through the behaviors they demonstrate (or don’t), actions they take (or don’t), and choices they make (or don’t), leaders send constant and powerful messages to those around them. What they do (or don’t do) telegraphs their values, priorities, and more. And followers are …

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10 Ways to Build Better Coworker Relationships

Key Traction-Point: Fancy plans aren’t always needed. The simplest of approaches (read: common sense) is often the best. 1:  Practice common courtesy 2:  Use effective communications 3:  Respect other people’s time 4:  Help yourself 5:  Proceed with caution on social media 6:  Stay on the level 7:  Don’t gripe about work at work 7a: Bonus: …

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How Effective People Handle Email

Key Traction-Point: Those who feel overwhelmed by email usually work from the assumption that if someone sends them something, they absolutely must read it and respond. However, effective people tackle email differently. If you’re like most people, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of email you receive. You would rather spend time on …

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