Salted Streets; Salted Fries

Too much fun to NOT re-post! Josh Orter over at Stupid Calculations asks (and answers) what we all want to know: How many orders of french fries could a salt truck salt?! “Nutritional information on reveals that a medium-sized fries contains 270 mg of sodium,” he writes. “At more than 907 million milligrams per ton, a 16-ton …

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Are you a Leader…or a Martyr

You don’t have to answer out loud, but you have to answer honestly: “Are you most comfortable when you’re feeling overwhelmed?” If so, you may be what’s called, in the February 2014 issue of Inc. magazine, a Martyr-Leader. Telltale signs of a Martyr-Leader You’re a bottleneck…and you secretly like it. Martyr-Leaders have un-fulfillable commitments, impossibly …

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Managing Older Employees

As a founding member of the Mentors Guild, I help individuals and businesses maximize their performance. Here’s my latest response to a question posed in their Ask an Expert forum: Their Question: My leadership style is casual, friendly and collaborative. One big hurdle — I have to manage a SME (subject matter expert) senior engineer (nearing retirement age) …

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