Know Your Conflict Triggers


Rick recently asked LinkedIn’s Center for Conflict Dynamics Network Group: “I was taught that all you need to know to resolve a conflict is good communication skills. Now, I know better. Is there anything you were taught about conflict resolution that you found out does not work or makes conflict worse?”

Here’s how I answered:

My basic rule of thumb, Rick, is that anytime someone says “all you need to know,” it isn’t.

That said, I have found there’s meaningful leverage in helping people better recognize their hot buttons and triggers earlier than they currently do — if they do at all. That’s because the more they can recognize — in the moment… Read more

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Become Certified to Administer the Conflict Dynamics Profile-Individual (CDP-I) Self-Assessment


Barry Zweibel is authorized to train and certify others to administer the Conflict Dynamics Profile-Individual (CDP-I) self assessment.

Earlier this year I become certified as a Master Trainer of the Conflict Dynamics Profile-Individual® (CDP-I) self-assessment. As such, the Center for Conflict Dynamics has authorized me to train and certify others to administer the CDP-I – which I can do in-person (for groups) or by phone (for individuals).

So I just added a new page to the LeadershipTraction website: Read more

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Genius versus Persistence

world class way“I wish I could promise you genius but most days all I have to offer is persistence.”

I don’t remember who said it – I think I read it in an unsolicited email from someone, actually – but the point gave me pause.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘genius’ is a good thing. But the problem with ‘genius’ is that it can be pretty unreliable. It’s like it’s more like something that ‘just happens’ rather than something you can intentionally induce.

‘Persistence’ on the other hand, is totally within our control – and often yields consistently stronger results, if you let it. Consider: Read more

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