Authority and Accountability

LinkedInJim recently asked LinkedIn’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Network Group: With the failure rate of IT projects so high, what should the CEO do about it?

Here’s how I answered:

Complications go hand-in-hand with complex projects. So, THAT a project runs into problems isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s often just an indicator of the project’s inherent complexity. Assuming the ‘hiccup’ is brought Read more

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Movin’ on Up

ladder-434523_640I like going into the ‘way-back machine’ to see if what was said then, still makes sense now. To that end, I recently reread a piece called, Beyond Leaning In: What I Learned on the Way to the C-Suite, that was originally published in May 2013. (Okay, so not the waaaaay-back machine, this time…but a good 15 months ago, anyway.)

“While some factors are out of one’s personal control on the way to the executive suite,” it read, “the following tips will put you on the path to a leadership role, no matter what your gender. 

      • Take on what nobody else wants to. 
      • Be willing to relocate. 
      • Be authentic to yourself by telling the truth. 
      • Find passion in everything you do. 
      • Be gracious to people no matter their rank. 
      • Always be curious. 

“In any business environment, you must constantly be learning and be willing to learn.”

So whadeya think? Are these still good tips for accelerating one’s career? (I’m thinking so.)

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Straight Nines

I don’t know much about horoscopes, but today’s caught my eye.

Not because of what mine said – I’m a Gemini, which some might say explains a LOT!

But because of what everyone’s said.

Take a look – straight nines.

Across the board!straight nines

So if you need to ask someone for something, I suspect that today might be a pretty good day to ask for it.

Whoever they are, they’re slotted to have a pretty good day, today!

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Job-Embedded Professional Development

job-embedded professional developmentKudos to friend and colleague Sally J. Zepeda, Professor in the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy at the University of Georgia, on the release of her latest book, Job-Enabled Professional Development: Support, Collaboration, and Learning in Schools.

Nicely done, Dr. Zepeda!

And kudos to me for her including my F.O.C.U.S./F.R.A.M.E. Coaching Model in Chapter 5 – Best Practices in Peer Coaching.

Here’s her full Table of Contents:

  1. Job-Embedded Professional Development: An Overview
  2. Adults Learning: What the Research Says
  3. Job-Embedded Professional Development in Action
  4. The Power of Peer Observations
  5. Best Practices in Peer Coaching
  6. Learning from Collaborative and Reflective Professional Development
  7. Authentic Action Research
  8. Studying Student Work and Assessments – Teachers as Change Agents
  9. Innovative Digital Learning Opportunities Support Professional Development
  10. Taking the Fast Track at Your Own Speed
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Hot Doug’s: The Exit Interview

hotdougI get such a kick out of the names of Chicago Hot Dog joints: Mustard’s Last Stand; Wiener and Still Champion; Superdawg; Flub A Dub Chub’s; Red Hot Ranch; Hot Diggity Dogs; Relish the Thought; Dear Frank’s; and U Daw U, to name a few. (See Vienna Beef’s Hall of Fame for a few more.) But one of our most famous, Hot Doug’s, is set to close today.

Not that the comings and goings of hot dog joints is usually all that big of a deal. But this one’s quite Read more

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