How Smart Do You Really Look?

What do you do to look smart? Does it help? Does it hurt? Do you even know?! Here, from page D1 of the 1/14/2015 edition of the WSJ, is what the research says:


Behaviors People Use To TRY To Look Smart

  • Putting on a serious facial expression
  • Holding hands and arms still
  • Using big words and complex sentences
  • Moving fast than others around them

Behaviors Others Look For When Judging Who’s Smart

  • Having a self confident expression
  • Being responsive in conversations, nodding and gesturing
  • Speaking in a pleasant, expressive voice
  • Using clear language

Behaviors People Use That Actually Make Them Look Smart

  • Looking at others while speaking
  • Standing of sitting up straight
  • Using a middle initial
  • Wearing glasses

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