Empowering Conflict Assessment Debriefings

Thanks to Cinne Noble and Janie Neff, chairs of the International Coach Federation’s Conflict Management Coaching Community of Practice, for allowing me to present “Using the ICF Coaching Competencies to Empower Conflict Assessment Debriefings” as their monthly program, today. Not only did the certified coaches in attendance earn a Continuing Coach Education Unit (CCEU) credit toward their re-certification …

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How to Fire Your Coach Without Being A Jerk

One of the coolest parts of coaching is the interpersonal relationship that develops between coach and client. Yet clients often continue to work with a particular coach long after the power of their coaching relationship has ebbed. So it’s always a good idea to regularly assess where you are with your coach and consider what …

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The Punctuation of Leadership Confidence

Ever notice how some leaders are seemingly more confident than others? More likely than not, the way you notice their confidence – or the lack thereof – is through the punctuation they use. Take, for example, leaders who assign tasks as questions. “Would you do me a favor?” they’ll ask. Really?! Would I do you a …

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15 Years!

You may enjoy knowing that I started my coaching practice on July 4th – Independence Day – 2000. This one marks my 15th anniversary, woo-hoo! (I so enjoy how people shoot off fireworks and such to commemorate my milestone, each year!) —– gif source: gallery4share.com

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