Conflict and Autopilot

One’s fight/flight instinct often limits possible outcomes before a conflict even begins…



So, yes, be caaareful, Jim. Be VERY careful! This is NOT a time for autopilot; it’s a time for you to remain fully present and engaged in what’s going on.

What Next?

Think about the last few things that triggered your fight/flight instinct.

  1. What ‘perceived injustice’ occurred that had you react the way you did?
  2. What were the underlying beliefs or assumptions that ‘navigated’ your assessments as they did?
  3. Knowing that you’ll likely get ‘tweaked’ by these same dynamics, again, at some point, how can you better prepare yourself to respond differently to them when you do?

Feel free to share what’s worked in the past, as well as what did not and why you think that is.


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