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Venting vs. Clearing

“I just HATE when they complain like that,” one leader said exasperatedly. Sure. I get it. People grouse, grip, grumble, moan, bellyache, carp, whine, and yammer all the time. Especially at work. And all that negativity can all-too-easily negate an otherwise decent mood you’re in. So what to do? What CAN you do? Definition of …

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Image Source: Pixabay

When Are You At Your Best?

When challenges arise, it helps to know when you’re at your best. Why? Because, by definition, challenges are challenging. And when we’re at our best, challenges become imminently more doable. When we’re at our best, we’re more creative and spontaneous – more capable and confident. When we’re at our best, we tend to see challenges …

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