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Too many Executives, Managers-of-Managers, and Emerging Leaders spend too much of their time spinning their wheels – working hard, working smart, working a LOT – but still don’t have the impact or influence they want, STILL don’t achieve the game-changing results their employers need, and STILL aren’t being the kind of Leader they always HOPED they could be. It’s not for lack of trying – no, that’s not it. It’s not for lack of opportunity, either.

But Executives, Managers-of-Managers, and Emerging Leaders, such as yourself or those who work in your organization, cannot afford this type of slippage – neither from yourself nor the people on staff. There’s too much to do, too much riding on what you can or cannot accomplish – too much hanging in the balance of what you can or cannot make happen.

LeadershipTraction works to fix this by creating more…wait for it…leadership…traction.

About the MISSION

LeadershipTraction, a leadership development concern, exists for the purposes of helping helping leaders, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and people of all variety, focus their attention on four essential leadership priorities, which when combined, form the basis for unlimited and sustainable success at work – and in life – and can reliably predict a leader’s ultimate success, or lack thereof , moving forward:

  • Information Management – the ability to identify, gather, analyze, and make use of data needed to improve information flow, process control management, and decision-making
  • Task Management – the ability to achieve results in ways that mitigate unwanted risk, forward stated goals, objectives, and priorities, and minimize unintended consequences
  • People Management – the ability to work with, though, and for others, in increasingly respectful, engaging, and constructive ways
  • Self-Management – the ability to recognize one’s own impact, take full responsibility for it, and modify one’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, accordingly, both quickly and effectively.

About the VISION

Through deeply engaging, attentive, and thought-provoking interactions, LeadershipTraction helps helping leaders, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and people of all variety, achieve 3-5 years of personal and professional growth in a fraction of the time – starting with our very first conversation and, because of my impact and influence, continuing beyond even the very last one.

About the VALUES

  • Adhere to the highest of Ethical Standards at all times
  • Have a bias toward Making a Meaningful Difference
  • Coach as Powerfully, and Masterfully, as possible
  • Challenge, Support, Respect, and Regard
  • Seek, Learn, Grow, Share
  • Helping smart, capable people increase their leadership traction

About the LOGO

LeadershipTraction® | Professional Coaching & Mentoring

Look at the image as if from above – looking down at it, as you might from atop a building. See that two people are facing each other, arms up, leaning in, and pushing against each other in an isometric manner.

The single dot in the middle represents both coach and client ‘putting their heads together’ – literally (as in the logo) and figuratively (as in the coaching) – collaborating and engaging in creative, supportive, personal/professional development interactions. (The added shadowing in intended to evoke the added depth and richness of the coaching process, one that is TOTALLY and UNIQUELY focused on YOU.)

Coaching, in general – and my coaching, in particular – really IS a form of progressive resistance: Private and respectful conversations that increasingly “push back” against your self-limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions (and inaction) so you can learn, grow, and achieve more, more quickly, with far less stress and strain on you and those around you.

  • Accelerating leadership traction – that is the goal.
  • Accelerating leadership traction – that is the work.
  • Accelerating leadership traction – that’s why the logo.

Learn more about the Rapid Return on Investment and other business-based outcomes typically derived from the very first conversation with me, Barry Zweibel, of LeadershipTraction.

And don’t miss what clients have to say about working with me and the accelerated traction they’ve develop in their leadership development.

Some of the Organizations and Industry Sectors Clients Have Worked for…

  • Aerospace – Boeing, United Airlines, Ball Corporation, The Federal Aviation Administration, and Lockheed Martin, among others...
  • Financial Services/Investment Management/Insurance – TIAA-CREF, Legg Mason, CRS Financial Services, Suburban Mortgage, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Eurex US, RW Baird, Atlas Trading, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Federal Reserve Bank, Wachovia, Bank One, Washington Mutual, RBC Bank (Canada), Colliers, Spot Trading, Farmers Insurance Group, Allstate Insurance, State Farm, Countrywide Financial, AEGIS Insurance, and American Family Insurance, among others...
  • Food Services/AgroTech – Fortune Fish, Saputo, and Monsanto, among others...
  • Government/Public Service – Anchorage Middleton Fire & EMS, Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government, Indian Trails Public Library, Warren-Newport Library, and the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce, among others...
  • Manufacturing/Construction/Industrial Supply – Linde Gas, Sunbelt Services, WW Grainger, ECHO Tape (Canada), aNETorder/American Mailers, Dietrich Construction, and Gil Plumbing, among others...
  • Nonprofit – H.O.M.E. Seniors, The Village at Victory Lakes: A Franciscan Community, ICF Chicago, American Academy of Home Care Medicine, V-LINC, Home Centered Care Institute, and Chicago Methodist Senior Services, among others...
  • Pharmaceuticals/Health Care – Pfizer, Hill-Rom, Walgreen's, Clera (Canada), Via Christi Health System, Action Health, Oakton Chiropractic, and Advanced Health Solutions, among others...
  • Technology – Cisco Systems, General Electric, Microsoft, ITT, Oracle, AT&T, Siemens, SAP, eMazzanti Technologies, Intrinsic Technologies, Auxis Management and Technology Solutions, SBC, Global Crossing, Nextel, Interconnect Planning Corporation, Media Sciences, Ensemble Studios, Vivendi Universal, Robot Entertainment, and It's Never 2 Late, among others...
  • Training/Education/Professional Services – Capgemini Consulting, Conference Board, Jenner & Block, Robert Half, Leadership Training Room, Blitt & Gaines, Pace Productivity (Canada), Annetta Corporation, Hello Goodbye English Language Company, University of Chicago, and University of Alabama, among others...
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