About LeadershipTraction, the Company

Too many Executives, Managers-of-Managers, and Emerging Leaders spend too much of their time spinning their wheels – working hard, working smart, working a LOT – but still don’t have the impact or influence they want, STILL don’t achieve the game-changing results their employers need, and STILL aren’t being the kind of Leader they always HOPED they could be. It’s not for lack of trying – no, that’s not it. It’s not for lack of opportunity, either.

But Executives, Managers-of-Managers, and Emerging Leaders, such as yourself or those who work in your organization, cannot afford this type of slippage – neither from yourself nor the people on staff. There’s too much to do, too much riding on what you can or cannot accomplish – too much hanging in the balance of what you can or cannot make happen.

LeadershipTraction works to fix this by creating more…wait for it…leadership…traction.

The MISSION of  LeadershipTraction

    • LeadershipTraction, a leadership development concern, exists for the purposes of helping seasoned executives, mid-level managers, and new and aspiring leaders, focus their attention on three essential leadership priorities: (1) expediting intended business results; (2) working skillfully with and through other people; and (3) recognizing and taking full responsibility for their counterproductive thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and modifying them, accordingly. These three domains – Task Management, People Management, and Self-Management – form the basis of Executive Intelligence and a leader’s competency in them (or lack thereof), reliably predicts his or her ultimate success or failure.

The VISION of LeadershipTraction

    • Through deeply engaging, personalized, and thought-provoking interactions, LeadershipTraction helps leaders of all levels achieve 3-5 years of personal and professional growth in a fraction of the time – starting with the very first conversation and continuing beyond even the very last one.

The Core VALUES of LeadershipTraction

    • Adhere to the highest of Ethical Standards at all times
    • Have a bias toward Making a Meaningful Difference
    • Coach as Powerfully, and Masterfully, as possible
    • Challenge, Support, Respect, and Regard
    • Seek, Learn, Grow, Share
    • Helping smart, capable people increase their leadership traction

About the Logo


Look at the image from above, as if you were looking down at it from atop a building, and you can see two people, arms up at shoulder height, pushing against each other in an engaging and supportive manner.

The single dot in the middle represents both coach and client ‘putting their heads together’ – literally (as in the logo) and figuratively (as in the coaching) – for collaborative, engaging, creative, and career enhancing, purposes.

And the slant represents accelerating your progress.

My coaching, after all, is really a form of progressive resistance: Private and respectful conversations that increasingly “push back” against your self-limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions (and inaction) so you can learn, grow, and achieve more, with far less stress and strain on you and those around you.

Accelerating leadership traction – that is the work I do.

Accelerating leadership traction – that is the goal of working with me.

Accelerating leadership traction – that’s why the logo.

Learn more about the Rapid Return on Investment and other business-based outcomes typically derived from the very first conversation with me, Barry Zweibel, of LeadershipTraction.

And don’t miss what clients have to say about working with me and the accelerated traction they’ve develop in their leadership development.

Shaping How Leaders Lead and Achieve

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