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Important insight comes from understanding the impact you’re actually having. To that end, LeadershipTraction® offers a variety of self- and 360°/multi-rater-assessments to help you see more clearly how others see you. To that end, here are the 360°/multi-rater-, organizational health-, team-, and self-assessments available through LeadershipTraction.

And while the assessments are worth taking in their own right, it’s the customized debriefings provided by Barry Zweibel that really helps you make sense of, and get the most value from, whatever your findings happen to be.

360° Assessments

Organization Health

  • Organization View™ (OrgView) (Inquire)

Team Assessments

  • Team Leader View™ (TLV) (Inquire)
  • Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (TDA) (Inquire)
  • Benchmarks of Team Excellence (Inquire)
  • Seeds of Innovation (Inquire)
  • Interpretation of already-completed assessments (Inquire)

Self Assessments

The Importance of Feedback Debriefings

Virtually anyone can administer certain types of assessments. And many are quite capable at explaining what the resultant data SAYS. But understanding what the data MEANS and how to put it into practice requires a different, more advanced, set of skills.

LeadershipTraction® believes that any assessment findings are the starting point for meaningful, personalized discussion about changing unwanted behaviors and thought patterns and replacing them with what will better serve you in both the short- and long-term – not just as an ‘academic’ exercise, but in real life, when the stressors and triggers of the daily grind are most likely to activate your default/undesirable reactions to the problems, challenges and opportunities you’re facing.

Making it REAL, RELEVANT, and HELPFUL is the key – and is what LeadershipTraction® strives to achieve whenever working through someone’s assessment findings reports.

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"Improve your skills. Find your voice. Build your reputation. Make good things happen sooner."
- Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach and Mentor

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