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Important insight comes from understanding the impact you’re actually having. To that end, LeadershipTraction® offers a variety of self- and 360°/multi-rater-assessments to help you see more clearly how others see you. To that end, here are the 360°/multi-rater-, organizational health-, team-, and self-assessments available through LeadershipTraction.

And while the assessments are worth taking in their own right, it’s the customized debriefings provided by Barry Zweibel that really helps you make sense of, and get the most value from, whatever your findings happen to be.

360° Assessments

Organization Health

  • Organization View™ (OrgView) (Inquire)

Team Assessments

  • Team Leader View™ (TLV) (Inquire)
  • Team Diagnostic™ Assessment (TDA) (Inquire)
  • Benchmarks of Team Excellence (Inquire)
  • Seeds of Innovation (Inquire)
  • Interpretation of already-completed assessments (Inquire)

Self Assessments

LeadershipTraction® | Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Isn't It Time You Started Leading More Confidently, Capably, and Convincingly – Without That Incessant 'Second-Guessing-Yourself' Thing You Do?!

If you think a brief conversation about your leadership development needs – or those of others in your organization – could be useful, call or connect to coordinate calendars.

"Let's Rethink How You Think ⇝ About Leadership!!"
- Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach and Mentor

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