Building Traction

LeadershipTraction is all about helping smart, capable, leaders increase their impact,  influence, and traction – at work and in life. Not in a manipulative, superficial, or disingenuous way, but in real, concrete, terms:

  • Like when faced with a particularly challenging problems and assignments.
  • Like when more than just lip-service is needed to complete priorities and drive business results.
  • Like when the status quo is totally insufficient.

LeadershipTraction does this through deeply meaningful conversation, tools, and follow-up to insure that each executive being worked with is working on what’s truly needed to raise his/her game. In real, tangible, attributable, terms.

That’s not to say that these interactions aren’t engaging and fun. Because they typically are – adults learn best that way.

And learn these leaders do. Not just for learning sake, but to apply their learning to the problems and opportunities they’re facing today. As in now. Right now. Before the day is done. And from this point forward.


❝All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.❞ – Galileo Galilei

Executives find working with LeadershipTraction time well spent:

  • 94% of respondents surveyed were “very satisfied.”
  • One in four calculated a return on investment of more than $5 for every dollar spent.
  • Their leadership competency grew across more than a DOZEN dimensions.


What Competencies do YOU want to Improve?

  • Business acumen or financial management?
  • Leadership or organizational skills?
  • Social or communications abilities?
  • Analytic or innovative-thinking capacities?
  • Ability to inspire trust or getting others to commit to taking actions?
  • Rewarding or acknowledging others?
  • Executive presence?
  • Work/Life balance?
  • Professional (and personal) relationships
  • Working up to your potential

Leadership • Teamwork • Professional Development

Helping leaders, teams, and team members with those nagging workplace performance issues – the ones that keep making it harder to make a real difference.

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