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LeadershipTraction® offers an array of one-on-one, group, and assessment-based solutions for your leadership development needs. Each is fully customized to the needs of the leader and organization. Here are some examples that may be relevant to you and those you work with:

Leadership Problem: Executives That Are Often Too Busy (or Unable or Unwilling) To Properly Coach and Mentor Their Direct Reports

LeadershipTraction recommends a ‘Proxy-Based/Surrogate’ Coaching and Mentoring to augment the executive’s own coaching and mentoring by working directly with middle managers on behalf of the boss to address their leadership development needs more quickly and thoroughly.

Leadership Problem: The Leader Who’s Too Much Of ‘A Bull In A China Shop’

LeadershipTraction recommends ‘Tone and Tenor’ Coaching and Mentoring to help ‘difficult’ bosses keep their edge, but in a way that’s increasingly respectful to those they engage with.

Leadership Problem: Introverted Leaders Who Are Just Too Passive

LeadershipTraction recommends ‘Assertiveness’ Coaching and Mentoring that helps leaders communicate more confidently, decisively – and with greater personal power – so they can better hold others more accountable, engender greater respect, find their true leadership ‘voice’.

Leadership Problem: Next-Gen Leaders Who Often Lack The Gravitas and Executive Presence Expected From Them

LeadershipTraction recommends ‘Perception Management’ Coaching and Mentoring to inspire high-potential managers to focus more effectively on improving their leadership ‘brand’, reputation, and role-modelling behaviors.

Leadership Problem: Budget Constraints That Prevent Middle Managers, Staff, and Employees From Learning How To Constructively Address The Problems They’re Having With Their Bosses

LeadershipTraction recommends a ‘Coach-on-Call’ Coaching and Mentoring Retainer Program because assisting non-execs on a limited, situation-specific, and as-needed basis doesn’t have to be an out-of-reach option.

Leadership Problem: First-Level Executives Needing To Improve Their Visibility, Reputation, and Credibility

LeadershipTraction recommends ‘Directional Leadership’ Coaching and Mentoring where leaders can learn new and improved ways to manage ‘up the chain’, which has been shown to dramatically improve employee motivation and morale when managing ‘down the chain’.

Leadership Problem: Leaders Who Can’t Seem To Navigate Conflict Constructively

LeadershipTraction recommends Baseline ‘Conflict Competency’ Testing and Related Coaching, Mentoring, and Training because work involves conflict and by helping people to engage in less destructive behaviors, and more constructively – while learning better recognize and recover from others triggering them and their triggering of others – can create observable improvements in how people work together and the overall mood of an organization.

Leadership Problem: Leaders Who Have Seemingly Peaked

LeadershipTraction recommend ‘Strength-Based’ Assessments, Evaluations, and Debriefings because leader success has less to do with how well-rounded leaders are than how well they know what they are particularly good at, and how to leverage those unique talents, abilities, and gifts, more broadly and consistently. This program assesses precisely that, and provides the tools, perspectives, and encouragement to become more naturally capable and routinely high-achieving.

Leadership Problem: Tentativeness in Asking the Right Questions

LeadershipTraction recommends ‘Business Rigor’ Training whereby managers and line operatives are taught to increase their ‘business rigor’ and ability to crisply articulate the business justifications for their requests, think more quickly in real-time, and ask meaningful and important follow-up questions, in the moment.

Leadership Problem: Smart, Capable Technical Leaders Who All-Too-Often Struggle With Those ‘People’ Issues

LeadershipTraction recommends ‘Micro Leadership Lessons’ and ‘Deep Dive’ Q&A Sessions because quite often, the assumptions made by these leaders are inaccurate or incomplete and they’re not getting the get real and relevant answers to their questions through regular leadership training curricula or informal conversations with others.

Leadership Problem: The Superficial, Irrelevant Content That Undermines Participation And Engagement In Department Retreats And Breakout Sessions

LeadershipTraction recommends Customized Presentations, Interactions, and Demonstrations which can take the form of micro-training modules, visual takeaways, practice, small-group discussion, group debriefings, general Q&As or any combination thereof. It’s a relevant and engaging approach for conference breakout sessions, department retreats, and off-site planning sessions where attendees not only learned how to upgrade their leadership skills, but also have the opportunity to practice and discuss these skills using real-world scenarios of their own choosing.

Outcomes, Measures, and Results

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