On-on-One Coaching and Mentoring

Focused entirely on you, your professional (and often personal) development, and improving your ability to effectively manage tasks, work with and through other people, and recognize your impact and modify your behaviors accordingly. In other words, your Power, Presence, Achievement, and Civility.

Clients typically choose between three ways to engage, based on what all they’re trying to achieve and how committed they are to actually achieving it.

  • Option A – Ad Hoc Support – 
    • This is the most basic option of the three, good for creating some immediate traction on an urgent matter with a short-term impact. Also good as a ‘tune-up’ or ‘power boost’, as my clients like to call them, for those having already worked with me in the past.
    • Duration: 1 month, renewable
    • Great for working through crises, conflicts, challenges, concerns, questions, frustrations, uncertainties, and doubt.
    • Typical conversation ‘types’, include:
      • Prepping for important 1-on-1 or group meetings up, down, and across the organization, or with outside vendors or customers
      • Thinking more strategically about major challenges, initiatives, and expected push-backs
      • Choosing more objectively between equally good (or equally bad) alternatives
      • Creatively brainstorming goals, objectives, likely implications, and downstream consequences
      • Properly planning for upcoming negotiations and program launches
      • Plus, any number of other scenarios where being able to talk things through ahead of time (or in real-time) with an external, objective, and discrete advocate would provide obvious value and benefit
    • Option B – Foundational Support
      • If ad hoc support is primarily concerned with how best to navigate SITUATIONS, foundational support refers to strengthening the “YOU” you bring to such interactions, as well.
      • Designed to help you not just recognize your impact and influence, but actually span the gap between your hopes and your achievements.
      • Duration: 3 months, renewable
      • Typical foundational support focus areas, include:
        • Your grappling with your confidence, consistency, or feeling like an imposter
        • How you prepare or stay focused during particularly busy periods
        • Keeping yourself better organized, attentive, and mindful of the commitments you’ve made and the follow-up they require
        • Stress-resistance, hardiness, resilience, grit
        • Improving your communications skills, respect, and civility – especially with key stakeholders, peers, and support personnel
        • Influencing without authority; using your authority more effectively
        • Clarifying and accentuating your personal brand
        • Increasing your ‘executive intelligence’
        • Improving staff productivity, engagement, performance, and accountability
        • Plus, any number of other nuances of effective leadership, this option helps you accelerate your impact and reputation and find your leadership ‘voice’, as a leader among leaders
      • Option C – Transformative Support
        • Sometimes it’s not just about getting in and out, as quickly as possible, but following through on an intention to take yourself to the next level as a leader AND human being.
        • This option is chocked full of value-added extras and the one mostly likely to bring the greatest personal/professional growth and development, the most noticeable improvements, and, as such, the strongest returns on your investment.
        • Duration: 6 months, renewable
        • Key transformative indicators:
          • It’s not just about meeting your goals and objectives; it’s about exceeding them…with style and aplomb
          • It’s not just about achievement and personal recognition, but how you build relationships, long-term, at work AND at home
          • It’s about the gratitude, respect, and regard – and ease – you show in the presence of others; you as a role-model; you as a motivating force and inspiration to others
          • It’s not just about what you DO, but how you THINK, FEEL, and RESPOND with increasing thoughtfulness, appreciation, collaboration, and joy, regardless of pressures, expectations, circumstances, or responsibilities
          • It’s about professional excellence AND work-life balance; intellectual curiosity AND thought leadership; achievement AND satisfaction
          • It’s about you being in better relationship with yourself, and others – and showing more compassion to yourself, and others – more easily, more powerfully, and more engagingly

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