The Breakthrough Difference Between Coaching And Mentoring

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People often ask me, “Say, what’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?”

Well, in my view, here’s the essential distinction: MENTORING is where I talk and you ask questions; COACHING is where you talk and I ask questions.

“MENTORING is where you ask questions and I talk; COACHING is where I ask questions and you talk.”

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So there will be some things that I’m simply not qualified to mentor you on. But as a Master Certified Coach – the Gold Standard of coach credentialing from the International Coaching Federation, and a distinction that fewer than 2% of all coaches, worldwide, have achieved – I can pretty much coach you on anything!

Of course sometimes clients prefer more of a hybrid-like approach – some questions, some answers, some talking, some listening – not like an interview or formal Q&A session, but more like a (hopefully) engaging, relevant, and insightful conversation.

So if something’s been bugging you, let’s see which approach gets you the most traction, yes?!

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