Debriefing Assessments in a Coach-like Way

Many coaches use conflict competency assessments as stand-alone offerings or as part of a larger coaching or training initiative. How these assessments are debriefed can vary greatly, as can their impact. As such, considering how to improve these coach/client interactions can be extremely beneficial.

Barry Zweibel MCC will include the following topics in his discussion:

  1. optimizing the interaction – before, during, and after the debriefing
  2. augmenting its value for coach and client, alike, longer-term
  3. applying the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, more intentionally, along the way with particular attention to the four Competency ‘Clusters’ – Setting The Foundation; Co-Creating The Relationship; Communicating Effectively; and Facilitating Learning And Results – and how they can add an extra ‘oomph’ to each stage of the process.

Target Audience

icf logo 2013This program is geared for coaches already certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) wanting to earn Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU) and ICF Coach Community of Practice (CoP) groups wanting to provide a highly interactive and engaging program eligible for 1.0 Core Competency CCEUs. (It was originally presented to the Conflict Management Coaching CoP on July 28, 2015.)

Attendee Comments

  • Great session with Barry Zweibel today. This is the first time I’ve fully considered [an assessment] debriefing as a “coaching session.” Thank you, Barry!
  • Thank you for another excellent CEU opportunity. I would enjoy hearing more from Barry, and I plan to order his book [Leadership Haiku] tonight.
  • I love the simplicity of the formula: Performance=Potential-Interference. It allows for a shift in thinking on what that interference then may comprise. Thanks Barry! [bz: the formula is from The Inner Game of Tennis, by Timothy Gallwey]
  • TY to @barryzweibel for a masterful presentation on assessment debriefing for the #ICF Conflict Management Coaching group!
  • We would like to thank Barry Zweibel for a wonderful call on the topic of “USING THE ICF COMPETENCIES TO EMPOWER CONFLICT ASSESSMENT DEBRIEFINGS.”
  • I just finished hearing the recording from your call, Barry and I really loved it…you were coach-like throughout and presented your information in such a comprehensive and practical way! There was lots of audience participation – more than usual and I think your style of engaging people made that happen and very well at that.
  • More feedback about Barry’s work.

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