Are You Considered A Leader Across Your ENTIRE Sphere-of-Influence?

Success is a science. If you have the conditions, you get the result.
– Oscar Wilde
Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.
– Napoleon Hill
Leadership is influence.
– John C. Maxwell

Many, if not most leaders, regardless of expertise or tenure, are likely proficient in at least a few of the essential domains of the 360° of directional leadership, but very few are sufficiently proficient at managing across ALL domains – managing down AND managing up AND managing across AND managing within. Here are some tips:

Directional Leadership Explained

The 360° of Directional Leadership

Let’s break it down.

Managing DOWN – The Most MISMANAGED Direction

The 360° of Directional Leadership

The Sphere: With direct reports, other employees, and support staff directly or indirectly affiliated with you and your organization – and the direction of leadership that may seem easiest, but is actually quite difficult to do consistently well.

The Negative Impact: Increasing employee stress and strain; obstructing their productivity; eroding their trust/loyalty.

Managing UP – The Most UNDERUTILIZED Direction

The 360° of Directional Leadership

The Sphere: With bosses, more senior executives, board members, company stakeholders and influencers – and the direction of leadership that leaders mistakenly think they have little, or no, control over, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Negative Impact: Creating unnecessary conflict; diluting organizational focus; poor decision-making.

Managing ACROSS – The Most DISCOUNTED Direction

The 360° of Directional Leadership

The Sphere: With peers, and externally, with vendor contacts, customers, and other industry professionals you may, or may not, consider colleagues – and the direction of leadership that can help make you surprisingly more effective and successful because pretty much everything that you want to accomplish is going to require significant lateral/horizontal collaboration to achieve.

The Negative Impact: Weakening camaraderie; playing bad politics; derailing others’ initiatives; failing the gain the support you need to further key goals and objectives.

But to be truly successful, leaders must not only excel in these three domains of directional leadership they must master the full 360°, which includes a critical, game-changing, fourth domain:

Managing WITHIN – The Most POWERFUL Direction

The 360° of Directional Leadership

The Sphere: Your private thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes that determine the choices you make and behaviors you engage in – which is what makes it, decidedly, the most challenging, but direct route to accelerating your overall impact, influence, and Leadership Competency Growth.

The Negative Impact: Not recognizing your impact; not taking responsibility for your impact; Not having sufficient F.O.C.U.S. in what you do.

LeadershipTraction demystifies the full 360° of directional leadership – through a variety of counter-intuitive leadership concepts and practices – to help leaders create the specific conditions needed to accelerate their progress and achieve increasingly greater leadership traction and professional (and personal) success.

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Leadership Haiku, by Barry Zweibel

Leadership Haiku, by Barry Zweibel

The elements of 360° Leadership are further articulated in Barry’s book, “Leadership Haiku: Increasing Your Impact And Influence 17 Syllables At A Time.” Get your copy at

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"Where Do YOU Want More Traction?"
– Barry Zweibel

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