Dear Dr. Pepper:

I’m a BIG diet DP fan – and a guy – so I thought I’d try Dr. Pepper TEN. But what’s up with that label?! Ten BOLD Tasting calories (per 8 FL OZ) but 20 calories per bottle (serving size: 1 bottle)?! Why not say 5 calories per 4 FL OZ serving, or 2 1/2 per 2  FL OZ serving, or something similarly absurd?!

Also of the 20 FL OZ per bottle, you’re saying that ONLY 10 are actually BOLD tasting?! What are the OTHER 10, TIMID tasting?! COWARDLY tasting?!

Makes me wonder: 10 BOLD tasting calories + 10 MEEK tasting calories blend into what, 20 NONDESCRIPT tasting calories?! Is that really the best you could do?!


Since high school (which was quite a while ago) the Dr.P brand has been sacrosanct for me. “Dr. Pepper: It’s like drinking nectar,” I’ve been known to say. Your labeling strategy for DP TEN, though, is unabashedly duplicitous.

Mostly, though, it’s just heart-breaking. ☹

So shame on you and your two-faced, two-timing, two-calorie (per 1.6 FL OZ serving) marketing brass for letting these labels go to market like this. Shame on you.

Disappointingly yours,

Barry Zweibel
Previously-ARDENT Dr. Pepper Fan

1 thought on “An Open Letter to Dr. Pepper”

  1. Plus, they don’t tell you how to separate out the 8 bold ounces with 1.25 calories each from the remaining 12 (meek?) ounces, each of which must have only 0.83 calories in order for all twenty ounces to equal 20 calories.

    Perplexed in Seattle.

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