Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach
  • “Barry has a unique gift of listening and asking the right questions to drill down to the key points and identifying patterns. I found myself looking forward to each next coaching session with great anticipation. Barry made me think about and question my long-standing, self-limiting, assumptions and thoughts and then gave me ways to overcome them. I liked the way he never told me what to do. Instead, he helped me tell myself what to do. Thanks for helping me enjoy life (all aspects) much more.” Director, Human Resources/Government, Louisville, KY
  • “Barry is a strong minded, complex, individual with a ton of life and professional experience. He has the ability to quickly form a strong bond that sticks with you.” Vice President, IT/Financial Services, Columbus,OH
  • “I really appreciate all that you did to get me in the right frame of mind.” Strategic Sourcing/Procurement Management, Chicago, IL
  • “Barry came highly recommended by a colleague who raved about him. Well, it’s all true! Barry makes you work, but that’s why his coaching is so effective and lasting. He uses stories and engaging examples to make important points. He quickly gets to know you and no matter what you talk about, he offers relevant guidance. I reread my notes from our sessions frequently.” Managing Director, Financial Services, Boston, MA
  • “I’ve received a lot of value from the work we’ve done together. In fact, I’ve managed to take away a key learning from each meeting. In each case, the coaching was so focused, clear and practical that I have been able to internalize and practice the strategies and tactics we discussed. I look forward to working with you further. Thank you.” President/Financial Services, Chicago, IL
  • “Barry speaks to the human element that we all deal with in business which underlies many of our interactions on a daily basis at work. He was completely engaged in the conversation and attaining some results from it. He helped me get to another level of communication in my new position which has greatly helped, not only me, but the entire office. He was flexible and gave me ideas that made sense for each conversation. I didn’t feel like his ideas were a preprogrammed ‘canned’ process.” Vice President/Banking, Minneapolis, MN
  • “I am very pleased at how Barry has assisted me to improve my business interactions through a better appreciation of myself and others. I am now able to guide meetings toward a productive direction without being untrue to myself.” President, IT, Toronto, Canada
  • “Barry, I made it! They told me that out of the 16 candidates, I was the highest rated. Unbelievable! Well thank you for your support and coaching. I achieved what we set out to do a little over 2 months ago (i.e. get promoted to VP). Thank you! I will be calling again.” Vice President, IT/Outsourcing, Paris, France
  • “I appreciate all your help in changing my mind set. Your time with me really made a difference in my career and how I approach family, etc.” Manager, Operations/Insurance, Oklahoma City, OK
  • “Barry’s out-of-the-box approach brought root causes to light. After that, resolving them was easy! I now have a renewed focus on life, my confidence is back, and best of all, I’m having fun!” Manager, Information Technology, Detroit, MI
  • “Barry helped me get to where I am! I would be glad to recommend his outstanding coaching to any company or individual that truly desires to be better.” Director, IT/Logistics, Dallas, TX
  • “Barry’s instincts were ‘spot-on’ in identifying roadblocks to professional growth and his ideas for resolution were workable and reasonable. He intuitively understood the limits of endurance on sensitive issues and could safely walk us through them to careful and thoughtful results. I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in engaging a professional coach.” Director, Administration/Financial Services, Chicago, IL
  • “You call me on myself. You make me think. You help me grow. Thank you.” Director, Process Management/Financial Services, Charlotte, NC
  • “I am extremely satisfied with the work I did with Barry. Each coaching conversation focused in on very specific techniques, tools and strategies to help me overcome the obstacles/challenges that stood in the way of me reaching my goals and attaining peace and contentment. His approach was very effective, indeed.” Manager, Customer Service/Financial Services, Milwaukee, WI
  • “Barry is the best person to talk things through with when I’m ‘down’. I have never been as comfortable talking to someone as I am when talking with him. He has a true gift, great expertise, and a warm personality.” Sales Manager, Office Supplies, Sterling, VA

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Some of the Companies Clients Have Worked for…

Wells Fargo, Boeing, Farmers Insurance Group, Colliers, American Mailers, JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, Monsanto, ECHOTape (Canada), Ball Corporation, TIAA-CREF, United Airlines, Pfizer, Annetta Corporation, SBC, Microsoft, RW Baird, Ensemble Studios, Vivendi Universal, Robert Half, Walgreen's, Jenner&Block, Legg Mason, Anchorage Middleton Fire & EMS, Media Sciences, Pace Productivity (Canada), Nextel, eMazzanti Technologies, Suburban Mortgage, AT&T, CRS Financial Services, Hill-Rom, Leadership Training Room, Oracle, Linde Gas, Fortune Fish, The Federal Aviation Administration, Countrywide Financial, Intrinsic Technologies, Sunbelt Services, Wachovia, ITT, Saputo, University of Alabama, Allstate Insurance Company, Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Bank One, Housing Opportunities & Maintenance for the Elderly, Clera (Canada), Eurex US, Siemens, The Village at Victory Lakes, It's Never 2 Late, Dietrich Construction, Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government, American Family Insurance, Capgemini Consulting, AEGIS Insurance, Washington Mutual, W. W. Grainger, Atlas Trading, Hello Goodbye English Language Company, Lockheed Martin, Auxis Management and Technology Solutions, Via Christi Health System, and Cisco Systems, among others.

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"Where Do YOU Want More Traction?"
– Barry Zweibel

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