barry zweibel, mcc-master certified coach
  • Barry’s unique approach has given me something infinitely more valuable than just the typical ‘leadership inventory/toolkit’ – he’s helped me find my own, authentic, leadership voice.” Managing Director, Sales/Financial Services, Dallas, TX
  • “I’ve had 5 executive coaches. Styles were different in all cases. I describe Barry’s style as “scenario based coaching.” Working with Barry, you run through a future or past scenario you may have with a boss, colleague/peer, direct report, etc. You talk about the goals of the conversation, relationship, or dialogue. Then, you “walk through” how to make that goal a reality. It is very effective for learning how to adapt styles and communications to be most effective.” Vice President, IT/Insurance, Columbus, OH
  • “It’s about learning more about ourselves so we can see what might/is keeping us from being more successful. Barry gets people to see things differently by the questions he asks and the examples he provides.” President, Information Technology, Oklahoma City, OK
  • “I can’t even begin to tell how helpful our [first] meeting was. I told no fewer than 30 people about it since we met. Wonderful!” Executive Director, Healthcare, Chicago, IL
  • “I’ve worked with Barry for over two years now and he’s greatly broadened my professional horizons and impact.” Director, Operations/Financial Services, Chicago, IL
  • “Why hire Barry as a Coach? Because he is that exceptional blend of smart, funny and compassionate that keeps you moving forward and feeling supported all the way. He was adept at asking the right questions and listening to what was behind my words. What can Barry help you accomplish? As much as you are ready to handle. He is a rare combination of conversational leader and follower which keeps the coaching moving fast and you moving forward.” Executive Director, Non-Profit, Baltimore, MD
  • “Barry is extremely insightful and wastes no time in holding you accountable for your words and actions. He works patiently with you toward your own success.” Division Chief, Public Safety, Anchorage, Kentucky
  • “Barry’s coaching results in clarity and specific intention for me.” Entrepreneur, Mesa, AZ
  • “Working with you has been one of the Top 5 things I’ve done in my entire life. Thank you for being such an overwhelmingly positive influence, Barry.” Director, Sales/Financial Services, Denver, CO
  • “Barry has a warm, engaging manner, and seemed genuinely interested in my concerns and career challenges. He listens, considers, and drives inward reflection. Friendly, but firm. Asks challenging questions.” Director, Information Technology/Financial Services, Dallas, TX
  • “I wanted to thank you, Barry, for everything you have done for me over the past year – your coaching has helped me find my voice and for that I will forever be grateful. Little did I know how different my life would be, for the better times 100, actually. The profound changes that I see in my demeanor and in my life are beyond description. Thank you again for being my shelter in the storm and for being a catalyst to me finding my place in the world.” Vice President, Banking, Dallas, TX
  • “I have found Barry’s coaching sessions to be invaluable. Barry is an extremely helpful as a sounding board, helping me work though a concrete plan to tackle particular problems I face within the office, and in building and maintaining important client relationships. He has a great knack for hearing what I am really saying even when I am not quite saying it, and for getting me to focus on what matters. He is also quite comfortable offering constructive criticism and helping me identify and discard bad ideas. On a personal level, I find Barry to be delightful. He is warm, personable and funny.” Managing Director, Legal, Washington, DC
  • “I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Barry Zweibel. Barry brings relevant business knowledge and profound insight to coaching that encourages life changing development in business and personal endeavors.” Executive Vice President, Sales/Manufacturing, Atlanta, GA
  • “Barry uses stories and engaging examples to make important points. He quickly gets to know you and no matter what you talk about, he offers relevant guidance.” Director, Operations/Financial Services, Boston, MA
  • “Barry offers a good common sense conversations to help work through your stumbling blocks. He helped me figure out a number of issues related to my management style, Director, Infrastructure/Building Management, New York, NY
  • “Barry provides insightful and on-target executive coaching that helps keep careers on track and moving forward. He has earned trust and confidence in his process, advice and interaction with his clients.” Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer, Healthcare, Wichita, KS
  • “I’ve known Barry for many years now and he is an extremely effective and skilled motivator. His ability to identify the pebbles and potholes in your personal road to goal attainment is uncanny because he makes it seem so effortless. I have had the pleasure to work with Barry during his role as an executive and now in his role as a coach and in both capacities he has been consistent as a top performer! I would recommend Barry to anyone based on his character, empathy and professionalism.” Director, IT/Financial Services, Chicago, IL
  • “I keep to myself, on most things – unless I feel it is important to talk about. I am comfortable talking to Barry as my coach, though. For one, I never feel any judgment from him. Too, I never feel that I need him to approve of what I am doing. That is a good thing for me. So I guess I can throw all of this stuff at him and just look forward to his ideas and insights, and questions and comments. And, I can’t leave out those wonderful POP quizzes he gives me. It all really helps me stay focused.” Vice President, Marketing/Financial Services, Albany, NY
  • “As I neared completion on my last project, my boss offered me a new job heading up the biggest project this company has ever attempted. I don’t think I would’ve even been considered for this position if I had not grown under your coaching. Thanks so much, Barry.” Producer, Interactive Entertainment, Dallas, TX
  • “There is a saying that when you save a life, you save a whole world. Not only did Barry pull me out of my own leadership funk with his coaching, he shored up my courage as a leader — courage I needed to quite literally protect lives of others in my charge. With Barry’s help, I began to recognize rather than underplay my own talents. Barry’s coaching helped me inhabit my own power, in service of what is good, true, and humane.” Executive Director, Non-Profit, Chicago, IL
  • “With huge doses of intelligence, humor, and a great deal of sensitivity, Barry has helped guide me to places I never thought possible. Barry’s coaching style creates an enjoyable yet immensely productive forum for personal and professional growth. I’m living proof of tangible results: a better attitude, better self-esteem, and even a published book! How about that for accountability!” Principle, Architecture, Chicago, IL

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Some of the Companies Clients Have Worked for…

  • Aerospace – Boeing, United Airlines, Ball Corporation, The Federal Aviation Administration, Lockheed Martin
  • Financial Services/Investment Management/Insurance – TIAA-CREF, Legg Mason, CRS Financial Services, Suburban Mortgage, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Eurex US, RW Baird, Atlas Trading, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Federal Reserve Bank, Wachovia, Bank One, Washington Mutual, RBC Bank (Canada), Colliers, Spot Trading, Farmers Insurance Group, Allstate Insurance, State Farm, Countrywide Financial, AEGIS Insurance, American Family Insurance
  • Food Services/AgroTech – Fortune Fish, Saputo, Monsanto
  • Government/Public Service – Anchorage Middleton Fire & EMS, Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government, Indian Trails Public Library, Warren-Newport Library, Northbrook Chamber of Commerce
  • Manufacturing/Construction/Industrial Supply – Linde Gas, Sunbelt Services, WW Grainger, ECHO Tape (Canada), aNETorder/American Mailers, Dietrich Construction, Gil Plumbing
  • Non-Profit – H.O.M.E. Seniors, The Village at Victory Lakes: A Franciscan Community, Canadian Women’s Foundation (Canada), ICF Chicago, American Academy of Home Care Medicine, V-LINC
  • Pharmaceuticals/Health Care – Pfizer, Hill-Rom, Walgreen's, Clera (Canada), Via Christi Health System, Action Health, Oakton Chiropractic, Advanced Health Solutions
  • Technology – Cisco Systems, General Electric, Microsoft, ITT, Oracle, AT&T, Siemens, eMazzanti Technologies, Intrinsic Technologies, Auxis Management and Technology Solutions, SBC, Global Crossing, Nextel, Media Sciences, Ensemble Studios, Vivendi Universal, Robot Entertainment, It's Never 2 Late
  • Training/Education/Professional Services – Capgemini Consulting, Hello Goodbye English Language Company, Jenner & Block, Robert Half, Leadership Training Room, Pace Productivity (Canada), Annetta Corporation, University of Chicago, University of Alabama
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