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Getting a Better Grip. | November 2013

Editor’s Note

Time for a logo refresh here at LeadershipTraction:


To “see” why I went with this particular design, look at the image from above (as if you were looking down at it from atop a building). From that perspective, see two people, arms up at shoulder height, pushing against each other – not angrily, but in a supportive way.

The single big dot in the middle represents those two people (coach and client) “putting our heads together” – literally and figuratively – collaboratively, in service of accelerating the client’s professional development.

My coaching, after all, is really a form of progressive resistance: Private and respectful conversations that increasingly “push back” against your self-limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions (and inaction) so you can learn, grow, and achieve more, with far less stress and strain on you and those around you.

That is the work I do. Those are the outcomes of working with me. That’s why the new logo. Let me know how you like it!

As you get ready to dig into to this month’s Getting a Better Grip newsletter, let me suggest that you take a moment or two to reflect on your own work and how you do what you do. Is the impact you’re having the impact you want to have? If not, what might you think, feel, believe, and do differently to bridge that gap?

After all, we all could use a little extra leadership traction, right?!

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