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They say you can’t go back home again. But I did. I hadn’t been back there in a long, long, time – since I was in 8th grade. But it was time. And I was ready.

The trees looked bigger. Everything else looked smaller. Most of the buildings were newer. Some were exactly as they were way back when, though. Those were my favorites. I liked how they “curved” time, merging my past into the present, and my present back into the past. I was struck with a remarkably deep sense of place.

Having a sense of place is important – especially as a leader. In some very real ways, leaders must actively curve time, too. Is what worked in the past right for the present? Is what’s working in the present right for the future? And what about all those “right thing at the wrong time” matters you regularly grapple with?! Yes, navigating through the past, present, and future of work-related issues creates a deep sense of place, as well. This is good.

But leaders aren’t just responsible for their own sense of place. They’re responsible for helping others find their sense of place, as well. What actions from their past make the most sense to bring forward or leave behind? Which thoughts, feelings, and beliefs might serve them best to continue to embrace or reshape in some way? How might they create a more compelling future? Yes, as their boss, it’s your job to help them with such things – which, in turn, can also help you with your own sense of place. This is good, too.

So what might you do, today – and in the weeks to follow – to help others with their sense of place? How might you help them look back at how far they’ve come? How might you inspire them to even greater heights? How might you help them – and yourself – be increasingly present in each passing moment?

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