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The Hot Button Assessment Sampler – Test What Triggers You

Nothing, nothing, nothing, then – BAM! – there it is. You’re having a pleasant (or “not awful”) conversation with someone and then all of a sudden – seemingly out of nowhere – you’re triggered. You’re “white hot,” your “fight/flight” instinct has kicked in at warp speed, you know not what you’re doing or saying – BAM!

What just happened?! Someone pushed one (or more) of your Hot Buttons, that’s what happened. And you lost control of your rational mind – BAM!

Hot Buttons?

Hot Buttons are the things that “trigger” you into sudden conflict. Interestingly, the conflict doesn’t necessarily have to be real – but it surely FEELS real. And it can have real CONSEQUENCES. So knowing what triggers you is an important part of becoming a more Conflict Competent leader.

The following on-line Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS) is “a subset-of-a-subset” of the two  Conflict Dynamics Profile® Assessments offered by LeadershipTraction – the CDP-I Individual/self-assessment; and the CDP-360°/multi-rater assessment . (More one each of these assessments at As such, the HBAS is not meant to be a comprehensive examination of your Hot Buttons or your competency with conflict. Rather, it is an introduction to, and illustration of, the concept of Hot Buttons and how they are analyzed in the CDP-I and CDP-360° assessments.

The HBAS quickly and easily identifies what’s likely to be your  ’hottest’ Hot Button. (Most people have more than one Hot Button conflict trigger; the others are identified in the full  CDP assessments. Additionally, only five (out of a possible nine) Hot Buttons are included in the HBAS. As a result, an actual CDP result report might indicate a different Hot Button profile than what is indicated here.)

And if you find this free information interesting and insightful I also have two related products – the CDP-I Individual self-assessment and the CDP-360°/multi-rater assessment – that you can purchase that go MUCH deeper.

More on the CDP-I and 360° Assessments

Either way, the Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS) or full CDP-I or CDP-360°, here's to your increasing leadership competency.

That said, ready to take your Hot Button Assement Sampler?!

The Hot Button Assessment Sampler (HBAS)

Instructions:For each of the following statements, indicate how upset you get when you have to work with someone who…

This situation makes me extremely upset This situation upsets me considerably This situation upsets me to a moderate degree This situation upsets me to a small degree This situation does not upset me at all
... believes he/she is always correct.
... isolates himself/herself from others.
... exploits others.
... is abrasive.
... seldom praises good work.
... will not make changes based on input from others.
... is self-centered.
... focuses on the negative.
... tries to undercut people at work.
... is a know it all.
... does not reward hard work and loyalty.
... is arrogant.
... cannot be trusted.
... is not open with other people.
... fails to give credit to others for their contribution.
... is a brown-noser.
... takes undeserved credit for others' success.
... does not seek input from others.
... is not appreciative of hard work by others.
... is very sarcastic.

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Note: The information and testing methodology provided herein is sourced from Managing Conflict Dynamics-A Practical Approach, and provided by, and used with permission
from, The Center for Conflict Dynamics. The Center for Conflict Dynamics has trained and certified Barry Zweibel, of LeadershipTraction, to administer both CDP-I and CDP-360° versions of the Conflict Dynamics Profile, provide relevant feedback, and deliver related conflict competency development programs.

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