The No-So Hidden Costs of Conflict

Ever wonder what a simple workplace conflict costs an organization in dollars? How about a more commonly messy one? Let’s do the math.

A relatively simple feud between two department managers for three short months – a relatively MINOR, and not atypical, conflict scenario – has almost $300,000 in hidden costs:

Even if you disagree with some of these estimates, you’re still looking at more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS in hidden costs and inefficiencies, per year, PER CONFLICT! That’s $1,000,000/year/conflict.

Stop and think about what that means for a moment.

❝An enormous amount of management time, often estimated at 25 to 40 percent, is spent addressing employee conflict. That’s one to two days every week.❞

Washington Business Journal

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barry zweibel, mcc-master certified coach

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