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Program Introduction

Conflict is inevitable – and prevalent. Studies indicate that 85% of employees spend time dealing with conflict. Managers spend 30-40% of their week managing conflict. How about you? Conflict costs money, inhibits action, and hampers innovation. It saps people’s energy, causes considerable stress and strain, and diminishes company profits. And no one is immune – whether you are a team member, team leader, department head, or executive, conflict is unavoidable. So, the question is not “HOW MUCH conflict is there is?” It’s “HOW WELL do you handle it?”

  • How well do you (and can you learn to) use the behaviors known to make conflict more productive?
  • How well do you (and can you learn to) avoid the behaviors known to make conflict worse?
  • How well do you (and can you learn to) recognize and control what triggers or provokes you (and others) to react too aggressively or too passively?

“How to Make Conflict Far Less Disruptive” addresses these and other relevant questions about conflict, head-on.

Program Philosophy

Becoming increasingly “conflict competent” does not require a major overhaul of our personalities. Rather, it is simply the natural and logical result of certain specific behavioral changes that help us be more constructive – and less destructive – before, during, and after conflict, and becoming more fully aware of what triggers us into conflict, real or imagined, so we can take increasing responsibility for our Hot Buttons, or Moments of Truth. With this, and practice, conflicts can become far less disruptive.

And if you stop and consider the hidden costs of conflict – which can be astoundingly high – you’ll understand even better the importance of this program offering.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of “How to Make Conflict Far Less Disruptive”, attendees should be able to:

  1. Stop avoiding conflict
  2. Not feel so much stress and strain from conflict
  3. Better problem-solve and collaborate in good times and bad
  4. Develop greater awareness of emotional triggers and how best to manage them.

“How to Make Conflict Far Less Disruptive” can be configured as a single 2-hour or half-day session or scheduled over the course of several weeks as an 8-hour, or 16-hour multi-session program – it all depends on how deep you want to go in helping your people deal more confidently and constructively with the conflict they face.

Each program includes the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment, and includes a personalized debriefing and one or more 1-on-1 check-ins with with the instructor – so attendees can share their personal experiences in applying the materials and fine-tune how best to put them to increasingly productive use.

Program Impact

attendee growth

Attendee and Organizer Comments

  • “I particularly liked the group role play exercises.”
  • “The techniques I learned to minimize conflict were excellent.”
  • “I learned how to provide more honest feedback to peers and direct reports without fearing conflict.”
  • “I liked how Barry didn’t let people just sit there without providing their opinions. He called on them to insure they engaged in the discussions.”
  • “I particularly appreciated how Barry provided real-world examples of issues we’re facing here at work.”
  • “Talking to others about our triggers and how to better recognize and temper them was both relevant and valuable.”
  • “Great class!”
  • “My 1-on-1 time with Barry, and the group discussions, in class, were excellent!”
  • “The role playing exercises really made things real and allowed us to practice with real examples of conflicts we face here. They were both challenging and engaging.”
  • “What would I suggest be done differently? Not much at all. Barry was great…knowledgeable, personable, he clearly knew his stuff, and was easy to talk to. The class has already helped me personally, and professionally.”
  • “Culture change is hard but this class is changing how people talk about things, which is great.”
  • “I thought Barry’s style would work very well for us – he’s able to push and prod people and hold them accountable for their actions in ways that don’t make them defensive. I felt if he could bring some of that into the classroom, along with his conflict materials, it could be very special. He did, and it was – which was exactly what I was hoping for.”
  • ““I’ve hired a LOT of trainers and Barry’s clearly in the top tier.”
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