It’s tautological to say, but much of our reputation is based on what others already know about us. (Of course SOME of our reputation is based on what others THINK they know about us, too, right?!)

What if we had no reputation, though? What if every day started with a blank slate? What if all memories of our work were erased at the stroke of midnight, a la some Cinderella-like master reset button? How might that change what our TODAY would look like?

  • What if no one could remember the great work we did yesterday? (What if no one could remember our screw-ups from yesterday, for that matter?!) How would we assert credibility in such a world?
  • What if no remembered who we were? How would we approach relationship-building in such a world?
  • What if no one remembered our particular areas of expertise? How would we align expectations in such a world?

It strikes me that many of us rely on – nay, NEED – others to remember an awful lot about us for us to be at our best. Contrast that to someone who’s just starting a new job at a new company in a new city where they know no one. Everyone’s impression of them would be solely based on what they did TODAY – what they did RIGHT HERE AND NOW. No coattails to ride on; No bad recollections to be undermined by.

What would that be like for YOU? Would it be wonderfully refreshing to be able to start each day anew like that? Or scarier than hell to know you’d have to prove yourself all over again each and every day? Or would it feel just like how your days typically are already?

Regardless, understanding your impact – and taking full responsibility for it – is a fundamental aspect of what Justin Menkes calls Executive Intelligence. Learn more at:


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