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Here’s the thing: You don’t need to prove that you’re in charge.

By virtue of your title and position, you already are.

Said another way: You have a right to lead. And you’ve been given the responsibility to lead. So lead!

Whether you happen to feel confident, or not, in any particular moment is irrelevant – all that matters is what you do, or don’t do, next.

So lead!

Decide what a totally confident and capable leader would do … and go do that.

Will you make some mistakes? Absolutely. Will you be perfect? No. But that’s okay because leadership isn’t really about getting everything right, anyway – it’s about leading others to do their great work in great ways.

Striving for anything less is a major shirking of your responsibilities.

It also does a grave disservice to the people you work with, the company you work for, and yourself, too, by the way.

So remember: You have a RIGHT to lead; you’ve been given the responsibility TO lead; so LEAD!


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