Client Learning

Here are some of the specific Lessons Learned from clients:

  • “Listen for the spirit or intent behind what my boss is saying or asking.”
  • “Reflect before reacting.”
  • “Think and act both strategically and tactically.”
  • “Don’t be critical of others who approach tasks and ideas in a different manner. Value what they bring to the table and understand benefits of working with them.”
  • “Listening for cues and clues to better understand others.”
  • “Confirm others’ understanding of the key message I hope they are receiving.”
  • “Calibrate communication to meet listener’s receptive filters and stay on message.”
  • “I tend to think a lot more and explore more things.”
  • “Working hard and smart can be fun!”
  • “Celebrate successes – if I go beyond what was expected, share the story.”
  • “Set requirements not expectations.”
  • “People judge you on what you show, not on what you think — especially if you don’t share your ideas with them.”
  • “It is the tone people remember far more than the content.”
  • “Better understanding of managing without direct authority.”
  • “Communicate, communicate, communicate!”
  • “Take time to think about conversations and understand the deeper meaning.”
  • “Don’t over commit to deliverables you are responsible for.”
  • “To manage my own perceptions of others so I do not project my emotional and personal trips on them.”
  • “Importance of using my peers to influence.”
  • “Know my key stakeholders, communicate with them constantly – not only when things break.”
  • “Utilize the Triage Method when dealing with the volume of daily tasks and requests.”
  • “Tell the bigger story and impact, get rid of the noise; use shorter phrases.”
  • “Embrace being who I already am and be confident in my abilities.”
  • “The power of leading by asking questions.”
  • “Networking is an everyday activity that can be accomplished throughout the day by just picking up the phone and calling rather than e-mailing.”
  • “The fear of taking an action is usually worse than the reality of taking the action.”
  • “Confidence and arrogance are different.”
  • “Put all things in perspective at all times.”
  • “Paint big picture of my influence and growth opportunities, so I can make deliberate moves on how I grow, so I don’t miss opportunities because I am too busy, or I didn’t take the step to grab it (I was waiting for it to come to me).
  • “Spend more time planning the signals that I send when dealing with others in order to establish the brand I want to be known for which is a collaborator, a person who is always ready to help out on the toughest assignment.”
  • Client Endorsements

❝ It’s stunning to me what kind of an impact even one person can have
if they have the right passion, perspective, and are able to align
the interest of a great team.❞ – Steve Case

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