Name It; Frame It;
then, Claim It.

A Special Report for Interviewees on the
Inner-Game of More Powerful Interviewing

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Powerful Interviewing, for an Interviewee, is more than just answering questions asked. It's about having – and sharing – a unique, and compelling, point-of-view.

And it all starts with your Interviewing Inner-Game.

Hi. Barry Zweibel, here, from LeadershipTraction, a Division of GottaGettaCoach!, Inc. As a Certified Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, and Master Certified Life Coach, I've helped several hundred clients, friends, and associates better prepare for job their interviews using the content herein. At the urging of many of them, I've finally created this Special Report to share with you now.

An interviewee preparing to do well in an interview has long been important work. And it's even more so these days. Indeed, brick-and-mortar (and on-line) booksellers have their shelves literally (and figuratively) brimming with titles about “interviewing”.

And that's both the good news and not-so-good news, isn't it?!

It's GOOD news because somewhere in all those titles is likely the exact advice you need to totally WOW whomever you're interviewing with.

It's NOT-SO-GOOD news because by the time you finish wading through all that fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) content, your interview (and the potential opportunity it affords) will have long since passed.

Not to say that I've got it all figured out. But through the years, I've learned a fair amount, and have concluded that three specific factors can dramatically improve the power and impact of your interviews.

Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It will share them all with you.

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Who is Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It written for?

  • Any interviewee interested in better preparing for an upcoming job interview.
  • Anyone who may be in a position to help an interviewee better prepare for an upcoming job interview.

What is the idea behind this e-book?

The idea is that interviewees all-too-often fail to get job offers NOT because they're unqualified, but because they all-too-often aren't able to effectively leverage the interview process to show just how talented and capable – and right for the job – they actually are. As a result, they get prematurely disqualified, and both the interviewee and the hiring organization lose out. And, while this e-book can do nothing to lessen the caliber of the other qualified applicants under consideration, what it can do is help YOU show up more ready, more willing, and more able to make a more impressive impression than you might otherwise.

Just like the purpose of a cover letter is to get your resume read, and the purpose of your resume is to get an interview (and the purpose of an interview is to get a job offer), how you prepare for your interviews can make a world of difference in how well those interviews go.

Why not do all you can to properly tune your Inner Game of interviewing? Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It is all about properly tuning your Inner Game of interviewing so you're all that more ready to show 'em what you've got!

What 'secrets' will you, the interviewee, learn from reading it?

  1. The value of, and how-to's behind, having an updated personal/professional SWOT report
  2. The value of, and how-to's behind, having several engaging stories to tell during your interview
  3. The value of, and how-to's behind, having a little “something extra” to supercharge your Inner-Game

While, yes, there are numerous tips and techniques included to help you interview more powerfully and capably, Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It will also provide a broader context and strategy from which you can interview more comfortably, confidently, and authentically so that the REAL YOU can engage more thoroughly, interact more meaningfully, and impress compellingly.  

But that's not all.

Included in Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It are TEN additional goodies that I'm sure you're gonna really like:

  • Additional Goodies #1-8 – Through the years, I’ve written a number of articles for, “the most comprehensive job-matching service for career-driven professionals.” Included are links to all 8 of them.
  • Additional Goodie #9 – In investigating the LeadershipTraction website you may have already seen Should I, or Shouldn't I? A Decision Matrix Tutorial, the downloadable E-book that's a MUST READ for anyone who is now (or soon will be) trying to figure out whether to accept a job offer, or not – or how best to decide on any of a variety of other important quandaries you're likely to face. Well, with your purchase of Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It you'll also get a discount coupon for (15% off) for "Should I, or Shouldn't I?" 
  • Additional Goodie #10 – A very special technique to use, post-interview(s), when negotiating a job offer with a prospective employer. While not foolproof, it's virtually risk-free and typically quite effective –maybe that's why it's garnered nearly $8,000 in additional compensation for almost everyone who's used it?!  

Sweet, huh?!

Here's What Others Have To Say About
"Name it: Frame it: then, Claim it."

Barry Zweibel has, once again, hit the nail on the head!

With "Name It; Frame It; then Claim It" he's provided a logical and easy-to-follow process for brilliantly handling one of the most complex aspects of any job search – the interview.

Once again, he's cut through the clutter and provided some tremendously timely insight and value. As one of his repeat clients, I know Barry to be a wonderfully creative and strategic thinker, a consummate professional, a truly talented writer – and one phenomenal coach!

So I am completely confident that "Name It; Frame It; then Claim It" can unlock the creative brilliance in YOUR interviewing Inner-Game and wholeheartedly recommend investing in this, and every other, tutorial that GottaGettaCoach! has to offer.

Doug W.
Sales/Business Development professional
Washington, D.C.

I began working with Barry Zweibel at GottaGettaCoach! during a particularly turbulent time in my career. It was a wonderful experience since I was challenged to think in a purposeful and focused direction and received many useful bits of wisdom that I was able to add to my repertoire quickly.

Now, "Name It; Frame It; then Claim It" consolidates a number of these thoughts in one special report that, when adopted, will add finesse to your interviewing skills. As saleswoman-in-chief for my firm I am constantly selling myself to prospective clients so I use several of these approaches with positive results. The report serves as great reference document that I will turn to often as a reminder.

Sandra L.
IT Management Consultant
Northbrook, Illinois

This is a greatly needed document, and Barry has put together a tool that helps simplify a very complex situation. There is a lot of excellent information simplified down to tasks for interviewees at all levels. I believe after reading this and following the advice and tools contained inside, interviewees will be able to quickly streamline their interview preparation, focus their energy and become good at describing how they add value to an organization.

Eddie E.
Strategy Consulting Practice Leader
Des Moines, Iowa

I liked the casual, conversational style of "Name It; Frame It; then Claim It," particularly because you are giving the reader some coaching. This style is engaging and helps the reader assimilate the advice.

Speaking of the advice, I think that many people need the advice you have provided. The chances are that as they review the material they will find something presented that will benefit if they try it."

Shelley K.
Vice President, Corporate Responsibility
Wichita, Kansas

So click here to order your copy of Name It; Frame It; then Claim It.

You'll be, oh, so glad, you did!

GGCI accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

On Sale! For a limited time you can download your copy for just $17.95. Don't delay.

Here's to a more-powerful YOU
and your Interviewing Inner-Game,

Barry Zweibel, MBA | Master Certified Coach
LeadershipTraction®,  a Division of GottaGettaCoach!, Inc.

Name It; Frame It; then, Claim It - an Interviewee e-book, from GottaGettaCoach!, Inc.


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