Hey Cubs fans! Today is Opening Day! And, while I won’t be at Wrigley Field today (as I’ve been on many an Opening Day) I will be watching the game (on WGN-TV) and tweeting along side this afternoon. So leave a message at the tone!

There’s a great leadership lesson in Opening Day: That being FULLY PRESENT really matters. Last year’s successes are, by and large, irrelevant. (The business version of this is  “What Have You Done For Me, Lately?”) Similarly, last year’s failures are, by and large, irrelevant, too. All that REALLY matters today is how each player plays … TODAY. That’s how me and my Tweeps will tweet about them, I suspect. (Along with some other fun stuff, too, I suspect!)

So what if each day was YOUR Opening Day? How might you prepare differently? How might you show up differently? How might you play differently?

Tell me about it – but not this afternoon. Unless you want to leave me a message at the tone!

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