glass-300558_640“While ample research has documented the benefits of optimism at work, dozens of studies in the past several years have explored the flip side of the coin—how a moderate amount of pessimism can yield better performance.”

So says How Being a Worrywart Helps at Work, an article from the WSJ in which they liken pessimism to being in a ‘negative’ mood (and optimism to being a ‘positive’ mood). The following chart delineates the relative upsides and downsides:

Source: March 31, 2015
Source: March 31, 2015

The Implications are Clear

“Certain occupations, including actuarial science, accounting, engineering and computer science,” the article continues, “tend to be a better fit for people with a realistic, detail-focused mind-set, research shows. These jobs are also less likely to pose obstacles for those who are pessimistic or worried.”

Which begs the question: How aligned is YOUR prevailing mood with your current job’s roles and responsibilities?

Do you agree with these research findings? Let me know.

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