Business/Leadership Outcomes

benefits of coaching

Source: International Coach Federation, 2014, curated by Barry Zweibel, LeadershipTraction

Business Outcomes

Some of the business outcomes companies commonly derive from having their leaders work with LeadershipTraction:

  • More projects completed on time, to scope, and within budget
  • More cost-saving initiatives identified and successfully implemented
  • Greater organizational flexibility and agility
  • Improved teamwork and co-worker collegiality
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • A healthier sense of organizational urgency
  • Improved employee engagement scores
  • Increased sales
  • Greater employee respect for due dates and personal accountability

Leadership Outcomes

Some leadership outcomes executives, managers, and managers-of-managers commonly derive from being coached and mentored by Barry Zweibel:

  • More engaged ‘followership’
  • Ability to manage additional responsibilities, or current responsibilities, more effectively
  • Deeper thought leadership
  • Better performance reviews
  • Stronger relations, up, down, and across the organization
  • A better sense of Self
  • Greater organizational impact and impact
  • The ability to better influence without authority
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Greater visibility
  • Meaningful growth across more than a dozen leadership competencies

Some post-engagement survey results from clients having worked with LeadershipTraction include:

  • “Barry has the ability to quickly assess the individual and get to the core of their potential, identifying factors that are blocking the individuals path to success. His candid and effective coaching can reduce your time to promotion and ultimately accelerate your career path by decades. Barry has been a wonderful addition to my career, and list of close friends. I would highly recommend Barry Zweibel to anyone looking to excel in their career and personal life.”
  • “$40,000 in productivity improvements and quicker delivery of a very challenging program.”
  • LeadershipTraction shaved 3 years off my leadership learning curve. Barry’s coaching ability is second to none!”
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“Effective leaders help others to understand the necessity of change and  to accept a common vision of the desired outcome.”

John Kotter

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