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Some things take time. A LOT of time. More time than we’d like them to – like that promotion we were promised year; approval for that non-budgeted project we recommended last quarter; staff recommendations on those procedural changes we asked for last month; or any number of other things we’ve been wanting, and waiting for, no longer so patiently.

But just because  circumstances aren’t changing as fast as we’d like doesn’t mean that we can’t change how we ARE with them. To that end, here are some ideas:

  1. Embrace Patience – Yeah, I know, “easier said than done.” And you’re right. But sometimes a few deep breaths and a commitment to “be more patient” can go a long way, or least help us  get over the hump-du-jour.
  2. Focus on the Journey, rather than the Destination – Poet Don Williams, Jr. said, “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” A fair point. So what ARE the lessons to be learned from this journey “twisting and turning” in this way? And how might we, if we so choose, travel in this direction with greater clarity and ease? (Perhaps of note, Williams is also quoted as saying, “Any day above ground is a good one,” so clearly, he knows a thing or two about setting constructive expectations!)
  3. Get Busy – Perhaps the easiest way to take our minds off of the things that are bugging us, though, is to put them to work on something else – something more constructive. So what ELSE is on that to-do list of ours? What have we been MEANING to work on that, for whatever reasons, we haven’t gotten to yet? Maybe it’s time to refocus our energies in one of THOSE directions for a while and see what that does for us. 

The change (of perspective AND attention) would likely do us good, I’m thinking. How about you?

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