Ways to Pay – LeadershipTraction

Thank you for your payment.
[To quick-link directly to the credit card processing page, tap or click on a dollar sign icon.]

Option 1 • Pay by Check

Physical checks should be made payable to LeadershipTraction and mailed to:

Barry Zweibel
1724 Larkdale Road
Northbrook, IL 60062-5931

Option 2 • Pay using a Zelle® Bank Transfer

Simply send your payment to .

Option 3 • Pay with Credit Card

Step 1 – Tap or click on the following secure link: https://www.snappycheckout.com/pay?DDSRERNWMARSQA9GLGNQP16839.

Step 2 – Enter the amount we’ve agreed to and click ‘Save Amount’. (Note: A additional 3.5% will automatically be added to the amount due to help defray credit card processing and handling fees. Thank you for that!)

Step 3 – Choose ‘Pay with Credit Card’ and follow the remaining instructions.

Thanks for taking care of this…talk soon!