fistful of talent

Key Traction-Point:

An interview is an invitation to engage in a meaningful conversation,
not just to ask and answer the same ol’ boring questions.

“You know you’re in an enhanced interview when there is actual dialogue – give and take.

“Hiring managers – in order to pull top talent out of their current company you not only have to be prepared to ask compelling questions… but perhaps more importantly assess the types of questions you’re being asked by the candidate and give meaningful answers.

“And candidates – if you want to be put in the AWESOME category, you have to step up your game as well.  Think about how many times the interviewer has been asked about “training and development opportunities” by average candidates.  If you’re getting a glazed over look, call it a day and go figure out spicy questions for the next time you’re interviewed.”

Here are three particularly awesome ones to consider…

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