Instructions: For the 14 leadership competencies listed below, rate how effective you feel you are with each of them. Sure, it depends on circumstances – as they say, ‘the devil is in the details’ – but I’m confident that the more honest you are with yourself, the more representative your scoring will be.

Ready? Begin!


1. Completing the tasks assigned to you without causing collateral damage in doing so
2. Working with and through other people
3. Accurately judging yourself and your impact on others
4. Thinking both tactically and strategically, and knowing which to do when
5. Responding well under pressure
6. Communicating effectively, up, down, and across the organization
7. Delegating cleanly and holding others appropriately accountable
8. Your executive presence as perceived by others
9. The clarity of your leadership message or ‘brand’
10. Your ability to influence without authority
11. The ease with which you discuss your accomplishments and dilemmas
12. Your self-confidence, especially when things aren’t going well
13. Your ability to thoroughly enjoy yourself in your job
14. Your ability to engage others in deeper, more meaningful, conversations
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