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Instructions: For the 9 Coaching Readiness questions listed below, rate how effective you feel about each of them, using the answer that best fits how you currently feel.

(Source: The Power of Focus, by Canfield, Hansen and Hewitt.)

Ready? Begin!


1. Do you recognize what you are good at and what energizes you?
2. Do you fully utilize your most-enjoyed skills?
3. Does your work further some interest that you care deeply about?
4. Do you see your work making a difference in the world?
5. Do you view most days with a sense of enthusiasm?
6. Have you developed your own philosophy of life and success?
7. Are you taking the necessary risks to live your philosophy?
8. Do you have active goals this year relating to your purpose?
9. Are you willing to actively work to make things better for yourself?
10. Please share any additional information you’d like in the following space:
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