RROI ➮ ‘Rapid’ Return on Investment

LeadershipTraction collects post-engagement survey data from clients regarding: Client Satisfaction; Leadership Competency Growth and Development; and the “Rapid” Return on Investment (RROI*), or estimated value of the coaching experience.

Client Satisfaction

LeadershipTraction client satisfaction

Flash Stats:

  • 92% of respondents chose “very satisfied”
  •  8% of respondents chose “satisfied”
  •  0%  of respondents chose “neutral”
  •  0% of respondents chose “dissatisfied”
  •  0% of respondents chose “very dissatisfied”

Leadership Competency Growth and Development

LeadershipTraction ROI

Flash Stats:

  • Top 10 Areas of Greatest Reported Improvement
    • “Working with and through other people” (+44%)
    • “The clarity of your leadership message or brand” (+41%)
    • “Accurately judging yourself and adapting your behaviors accordingly” (+39%)
    • “Your executive presence as perceived by others” (+38%)
    • “Your ability to delegate” (+37%)
    • “Your ability to influence without authority” (+33%)
    • “The ease with which you discuss your accomplishments/dilemmas” (+33%)
    • “Your ability to thoroughly enjoy yourself in your job” (+25%)
    • “Your ability to engage others in deeper/more meaningful conversations” (+22%)
    • “Your overall self-confidence” (+23%)

‘Rapid’ Return on Investment (RROI)

Rapid Return on Investment (RROI) from LeadershipTraction

Flash Stats

  • 0% of respondents reported an RROI of less than $1 for every dollar spent
  • 61% of respondents reported an RROI between $2-$4 for every dollar spent
  • 33% of respondents reported an RROI of $5 or more for every dollar spent
  • The average RROI reported was $3.93 for every dollar spent

That’s almost $4 of value – lasting and sustainable value – for every dollar invested in a person’s professional development, when working with LeadershipTraction.

Note: The term Rapid Return on Investment (RROI) is used instead of the more-standard ROI because specific client behavioral and attitudinal improvements typically begin to occur during the very first coaching interaction…and continue throughout the engagement…and beyond.

How Do I Do That?

The short answer: By having deeper and more meaningful – and more engaging – conversations about a person’s leadership growth and development than they’ve likely ever had in their entire life! But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what they say about working with me, Barry Zweibel, and LeadershipTraction.

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