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The 360° of Directional Leadership

Conflict Management

Becoming a More Influential Leader

Executive Courage

Hardiness and Resilience

Networking Skills

Job Hunting

  • The One Hundred Jobs Exercise – A structured approach to helping you identify your Ideal Job – The One Hundred Jobs Exercise
  • What I Want to Be When I Grow Up – Another structured approach to helping you identify your Ideal Job – What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
  • Name It; Frame It; then Claim It* – A Special Report, for Interviewees, on the Inner-Game of Powerful Interviewing – Powerful Interviewing is more than just answering questions asked. It’s about having – and sharing – a unique, and compelling, point-of-view that starts with your Interviewing Inner-Game –
  • 3 Steps to Rate Every Job Offer* – Apply the R.I.G.H.T. Job method to analyze and rate every job offer –
  • Should I, or Shouldn’t I? A Decision Matrix Tutorial – Learn how to objectively assess that job offer without having to rely so heavily on your gut feel. It’s an excellent tool for a variety of other important decisions you’re likely to face, too –
  • Help Them Say Yes: Provide a 90-Day Plan –
  • What Job Would Make You Happy? – Time for a change. Try this visualization exercise to figure out where you should go next with your career –

Career Planning and Acceleration

Leadership Tutorials

Deeper Resources

  • The LeadershipTraction blog –
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