Every company conference and department retreat worth its salt includes at least one outside speaker – at least one external resource – to help reinforce and solidify the key messages presented. Well look no further.

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The LeadershipTraction F.O.C.U.S. diagramBarry Zweibel can provide a meaningful, engaging capstone, or breakout session, for your staff conference or retreat, helping attendees recap – and integrate – their learning as they prepare to return back to work.

Using my F.O.C.U.S. model as a framework for a presentation I call, Sharpening Your F.O.C.U.S, I help attendees begin to actually apply, and start benefiting from, some of key messages of the retreat – both personally and professionally.

Using a variety of small group, one-on-one, and full-group interactions, coupled with various coaching demos, interviews, independent study exercises, and micro-training modules, attendees will experience a full complement of adult learning methods.

Key Learning Points

  • By reconnecting them  to key agenda messages they heard at various points throughout the event.
  • By showing that the Retreat’s key messages are not only about business issues, but offer insight into their personal development/engagement, as well, answering key WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) and WISL (why should I listen?) questions.
  • By providing numerous tips and tricks that can help attendees recover should they find themselves reverting back to the status quo, and/or backsliding, in the days and weeks following the Retreat.
  • By providing an insider’s view as to not just why the key messages of the Retreat have meaning and impact, but how to implement – and sustain – the desired changes.
  • By acknowledging that even though setbacks are inevitable and to be expected, learning how to constructively deal with the negative self-talk that often accompanies them becomes a key to message longevity and impact.
  • By helping attendees lock-in their learning and establish a specific intent with regards to what they will ‘do’ with what they’ve learned, specific follow-up activities are ‘baked in’ to the process to keep progress front-and-center.

Attendee Comments

  • “Absolutely brilliant!”
  • “Barry really helped bring all the pieces together, starting with the Opening Remarks from Day One.”
  • “His humor and wit were very helpful in keeping attendees engaged.”
  • “The time flew by. What a great session!”
  • “Thank you again for a great presentation/discussion. It really captured our themes well.”
  • “I liked how Barry got us talking and built on what we said.”
  • “Barry truly did an amazing job. We are truly fortunate to have had this opportunity to partner with a coach and leader of his caliber.”
  • “I had the opportunity to drive to the airport with three attendees who all had positive unsolicited feedback.”
  • More feedback about Barry’s work.

To arrange for Barry Zweibel to present at your next company or departmental Retreat – or to learn more – contact Barry today.

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