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Workshops, Panel Discussion, and Breakout Session Topics

  • Sharpening Your FOCUS– Barry Zweibel can provide a meaningful, engaging breakout session, or capstone, to your meeting or conference that helps attendees better remember – and integrate – the key messages you want them to remember.
  • How to Make Conflict Far Less Disruptive – It’s surprising how many people were never taught how to effectively manage conflict. Now, with this program, there’s no excuse for that.
  • The 360° of Directional Leadership – Many, if not most leaders, regardless of expertise or tenure, are likely proficient in at least a few of the essential domains of the 360° of directional leadership. But to be truly successful, leaders must master all four of them.
  • How to Better F.R.A.M.E. Your Coaching and Mentoring Conversations – It’s well-documented that coaching and mentoring are essential leadership skills. But do you know WHY coaching mentoring helps people? More importantly, do you know HOW to effectively coach and mentor others? Learn from a Master Certified Coach.
  • How to Lead Like a Leader Who Was Born to! – An interactive and thought-provoking breakout session of stories, models, and explanations culled from nearly 20 years of professional coaching, mentoring, and leadership development training you can immediately incorporate into your becoming a better leader – and help those in your charge accelerate their own leadership development, as well.
  • The Haiku of Exemplary Leadership – Based on Barry’s latest book, Leadership Haiku: Increasing Your Impact And Influence 17 Syllables At A Time, (Leadership Haiku, the book), Barry examines what it takes – for new and more seasoned leaders, alike – to not only embrace, but to excel, in the craft of leadership.
  • Using the International Coaching Federation Coaching Competencies to Empower Conflict Assessment Debriefings – Many coaches use conflict competency assessments as stand-alone offerings or as part of a larger coaching or training initiative. How these assessments are debriefed can vary greatly, as can their impact. As such, considering how to improve these coach/client interactions can be extremely beneficial.
  • Other Adult Learning Initiatives – Let’s customize a program for you based on your needs. (Here are some typical problems, approaches, and results that Barry Zweibel typically gets involved with.)

Some of What They’re Saying

  • “Thanks for all your help last year! Looking forward to doing something again this year” – Chief Technology Officer/Financial Services, Chicago, IL
  • “I had the opportunity to drive to the airport with three attendees who all had positive unsolicited feedback.” – Director/Sales, Denver, CO
  • “I’ve hired a LOT of trainers and Barry’s clearly in the top tier.” – Director/Talent Management, Chicago, IL
  • “Barry gets people to see things differently by the questions he asks and the examples he provides.” – President/Information Technology, Oklahoma City, OK
  • “Barry is a strong minded, complex, individual with a ton of life and professional experience. He has the ability to quickly form a strong bond that sticks with you.” – Vice President/Insurance, Columbus,OH
  • “TY to @barryzweibel for a masterful presentation” – program moderator
  • “Barry speaks to the human element that we all deal with in business which underlies many of our interactions on a daily basis at work.” – Vice President/Banking, Minneapolis, MN
  • “Barry uses stories and engaging examples to make important points. He quickly gets to know you and no matter what you talk about, he offers relevant guidance.” – Director/Operations, Boston, MA
  • “The time flew by. What a great session!” – program attendee
  • More feedback about Barry’s work.

LeadershipTraction® | Professional Coaching and Mentoring

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"The Best Leaders Easily Can. Can You?!"
– Barry Zweibel, Leadership Coach and Mentor

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