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Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Breakout Sessions

  • Sharpening Your FOCUS– Barry Zweibel can provide a meaningful, engaging breakout session, or capstone, to your meeting or conference that helps attendees better remember – and integrate – the key messages you want them to remember.
  • How to Make Conflict Far Less Disruptive – It’s surprising how many people were never taught how to effectively manage conflict. Now, with this program, there’s no excuse for that.
  • The 360° of Directional Leadership – Many, if not most leaders, regardless of expertise or tenure, are likely proficient in at least a few of the essential domains of the 360° of directional leadership. But to be truly successful, leaders must master all four of them.
  • The Coaching Conversational FRAME – It’s well-documented that coaching is an essential leadership skill. But do you know WHY coaching helps people? More importantly, do you know HOW to coach others? Learn from a Master Certified Coach.
  • How to Lead Like a Leader Who Was Born to! – An interactive and thought-provoking breakout session of stories, models, and explanations culled from nearly 20 years of professional coaching, mentoring, and leadership development training you can immediately incorporate into your becoming a better leader – and help those in your charge accelerate their own leadership development, as well.
  • The Haiku of Exemplary Leadership – Based on Barry’s latest book, Leadership Haiku: Increasing Your Impact And Influence 17 Syllables At A Time, (Leadership Haiku, the book), Barry examines what it takes – for new and more seasoned leaders, alike – to not only embrace, but to excel, in the craft of leadership.
  • Using the International Coach Federation Coaching Competencies to Empower Conflict Assessment Debriefings – Many coaches use conflict competency assessments as stand-alone offerings or as part of a larger coaching or training initiative. How these assessments are debriefed can vary greatly, as can their impact. As such, considering how to improve these coach/client interactions can be extremely beneficial.
  • Other Adult Learning Initiatives – Let’s customize a program for you based on your needs. (Here are some typical problems, approaches, and results that Barry Zweibel typically gets involved with.)

Some of What They’re Saying


  • “Thanks for all your help last year! Looking forward to doing something again this year” – Chief Technology Officer/Financial Services, Chicago, IL
  • “I had the opportunity to drive to the airport with three attendees who all had positive unsolicited feedback.” – Director/Sales, Denver, CO
  • “I’ve hired a LOT of trainers and Barry’s clearly in the top tier.” – Director/Talent Management, Chicago, IL
  • “Barry gets people to see things differently by the questions he asks and the examples he provides.” – President/Information Technology, Oklahoma City, OK
  • “Barry is a strong minded, complex, individual with a ton of life and professional experience. He has the ability to quickly form a strong bond that sticks with you.” – Vice President/Insurance, Columbus,OH
  • “TY to @barryzweibel for a masterful presentation” – program moderator
  • “Barry speaks to the human element that we all deal with in business which underlies many of our interactions on a daily basis at work.” – Vice President/Banking, Minneapolis, MN
  • “Barry uses stories and engaging examples to make important points. He quickly gets to know you and no matter what you talk about, he offers relevant guidance.” – Director/Operations, Boston, MA
  • “The time flew by. What a great session!” – program attendee
  • More feedback about Barry’s work.

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