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Rainy Day Wisdom

A oldie, but definitely a goodie, from the archives: RAINY DAY WISDOM What the rain has to say about dreariness, exuberance, and getting yourself going again – especially on those days when you just don’t feel like it. Download your copy at: Enjoy!  

It’s Not Too Late

So if there’s anything else you want to accomplish in 2014, you’ve still got time. But you better hurry! (1/1/15 – Oops, too late, sorry.)

Straight Nines

I don’t know much about horoscopes, but today’s caught my eye. Not because of what mine said – I’m a Gemini, which some might say explains a LOT! But because of what everyone’s said. Take a look – straight nines. Across the board! So if you need to ask someone for something, I suspect that today might be …

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