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Effective Postmortem Discussions

Problems come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t get mad. Get learning! Sure, proper planning, resources, and discipline, can prevent many problems from ever happening. But no matter how hard we try, some will slip through, anyway – that’s just reality. So how best can we learn from the bad things that happen? Mistakes are …

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Self-Imposed Pressure

A leader’s success can easily be predicted by how pressure affects performance. But while the pressures that organizations routinely place on leaders can be tremendous, it’s the pressures leaders put on themselves that are often more powerful…and debilitating. Pressures Imposed by the Organization The list of pressures that organizations put on leaders is near-infinite. Here …

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What Does It Take To Grow As A Leader?

It’s hard to learn and grow when you’re the one in charge. When you’re the boss, people all-too-often look to YOU for the answers to their questions. They all-too-often look to YOU for the questions they should be asking, too. And even when they say they don’t, they also all-too-often rely on YOU to check …

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