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It’s Always Impossible…Until It’s Not

It’s Always Impossible…Until It’s Not Has it ever happened that you’re trying to get something done and no matter how hard you try, just can’t…until you somehow do?! I do. A lot! Now I know it’s not because of procrastination or because I don’t have the brainpower to figure it out or really anything that …

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“You’re Toast!”

“You’re Toast!” There’s a fun little idiom – “You’re Toast!” – that’s always tickled me. Not to be confused with ‘giving a toast’, like at a wedding or celebration – or bread that’s been cooked in a toaster – all of which are generally really good things, telling someone “You’re Toast’ is akin to saying …

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Synergy versus Leverage

Synergy versus Leverage I got into an interesting conversation about distinctions, recently. Specifically, it was about the difference between ‘synergy’ and ‘leverage’. Here’s what we concluded: Synergy is the idea that 1 + 1 > 2. In other words, when you’re working with someone on something at work, at home, at school, or wherever, the …

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Counterintuitive Thoughts and Paradoxes

Counterintuitive Thoughts and Paradoxes There’s nothing like a good paradox or counterintuitive thought to help stimulate someone’s thinking (and leadership growth). So here are five of my favorites: Who DOESN’T Love a Good Paradox?! Goodness, there are so many more I could share! (And maybe I will in an upcoming post.) The beauty of a …

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Types of Intelligence

Types of Intelligence There’s an interesting 9 minute video over at It’s titled, “There are 8 classes of intelligence. Which are you?“ The Description: Although the title says there are 8 classes of intelligence, as you’ll hear, developmental psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner, actually discusses the whys and wherefores of 10 of them: linguistic intelligence …

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How People Listen

How People Listen Listening. You’ve heard the bromides: Well, it’s one thing to SAY it, but it’s something entirely different to actually DO it. So let’s take a closer look at how people actually DO listen and what you can do to help yourself more readily learn and grow. The Four Levels How People Listen …

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