The Venn of Promotability

The Venn of Promotability It’s that time, again, isn’t?! We’re more than midway through the year…which means that budget time is a-comin’!! Which also means that it’ll soon be time to make your pitch for a promotion…and others will be pitching you for their promotions, too, by the way. Now if you’re like most people …

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Synergy versus Leverage

Synergy versus Leverage I got into an interesting conversation about distinctions, recently. Specifically, it was about the difference between ‘synergy’ and ‘leverage’. Here’s what we concluded: Synergy is the idea that 1 + 1 > 2. In other words, when you’re working with someone on something at work, at home, at school, or wherever, the …

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Why Productivity is Overrated

Why Productivity is Overrated Increasingly, companies – and their leaders – are wanting employees to return to working, at work, instead of from home. And, increasingly, employees are not wanting to! Underlying (and Conflicting) Rationales Leaders say that the costs of employees working from home have become untenable. And they may be right! According to …

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Counterintuitive Thoughts and Paradoxes

Counterintuitive Thoughts and Paradoxes There’s nothing like a good paradox or counterintuitive thought to help stimulate someone’s thinking (and leadership growth). So here are five of my favorites: Who DOESN’T Love a Good Paradox?! Goodness, there are so many more I could share! (And maybe I will in an upcoming post.) The beauty of a …

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Barry Zweibel, MCC-Master Certified Coach

International Coach Federation Renews Barry Zweibel’s Master Certified Coach Credential

ICF Renews Barry Zweibel’s MCC Credential 3/17/2022 Dear ICF MCC Credential Renewal Applicant: Mr. Barry Zweibel, CPCC, MBA Congratulations!  Your credential renewal application for the designation of MCC has been examined and approved. We applaud your individual efforts to obtain a truly global credential and your strong personal commitment to the coaching profession. Please note that …

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