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An interview with Ilene Gordon, C.E.O. of Ingredion, a company that turns raw materials into ingredients for the food, beverage and other industries, that was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. “I’m not just hiring the person sitting there; I’m hiring the four people who mentored him. I don’t think there’s anybody who’s successful in …

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Interview Practice Questions

Want to “up your game” on EITHER side of the job interview conversation? Try asking/answering some of these questions: What’s a career accomplishment you’re most proud of? What’s a decision you wish you could do over? What current initiatives are you working on? What’s one thing you’re trying to do better? How do you measure your personal …

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Conducting Better Job Applicant Interviews

Inc.com’s 3 Interview Questions That Reveal Everything really DOES live up to its applicant-vetting promise. For each job listed on a  job candidate’s resume, simply ask these three questions: How did you find out about the job? What did you like about the job before you started? Why did you leave? “Move quickly, and don’t ask for detail,” suggests …

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